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Evaluation kits to start development NOW

The Telit EVK2 development kit remains one of Symmetry's bestselling kits. It provides a future-proof, flexible environment to streamline all application development based on Telit GSM/GPRS, UMTS/HSPA and LTE module families, significantly reducing time-to-market.


LTE CAT-1 In-A-Box all inclusive Cat-1 kit

Price: $580.95

Kit Contents:

QTY Price
3G/4G Evaluation Kit
1 $328.90
LE910-NA1-INT (AT&T)
LE910-SV1-INT (Verizon)
(Choose one)
Interface Board
GPS560 antenna with
3M RG174 and
1 $18.95
LTE and Pentaband
Multiposition Antenna
2 2 x $6.55
Sub Total: $580.95
Only Pay: $470.95

Available Modules


LTE CAT-1 IoT dual-mode module approved for deployment on U.S. networks. Developed for the North American market, the LE910-NA1 is aligned fully with plans by the region’s MNOs to launch commercial scale service of the IoT-focused CAT-1 standard in their markets. The device is LTE CAT-1 and 3G supporting LTE bands 2, 4, 5, 12 and 13 as well as 3G bands 2 and 5.


LTE CAT-1 IoT single mode module supporting LTE bands 2, 4 and 13. Like the LE910-NA1, it is can be applied as a drop-in replacement in existing devices based on the family’s 2G and 3G models.  Supporting speeds of 5Mbps upload and 10 Mbps download, the module is positioned for developers and integrators looking to migrate existing North American 2 or 3G IoT devices to LTE as well as for new IoT solutions not requiring full LTE speeds, leveraging cost savings associated with CAT-1.


The new Digi XBee Cellular embedded modem enables OEMs to quickly integrate cutting edge 4G cellular technology into devices and applications without dealing with the painful, time-consuming, expensive FCC and carrier end-device certifications.

With the full suite of standard XBee API frames and AT commands, existing XBee customers can seamlessly transition to this new modem with only minor software adjustments. When OEMs add the Digi XBee Cellular Modem to their design, they create a future-proof design with flexibility to switch between wireless protocols or frequencies as needed, ideal for any business with an agile roadmap.

How long will you wait for LTE Cat-M?

The LTE 3GPP release schedule is a moving target. It's hard to say when the market will be ready to support a Cat-M deployment. Not only are the Cat-M silicon and module release dates changing, but the timeline for a supporting network is also unknown. Symmetry will continue to monitor these dates and update this page with new information as it becomes available. We also have LTE modules and development kits available today based on Cat-1 that will be compatible with Cat-M when the products and networks are finally ready.

Digi XBee® Cellular 4G LTE Cat 1 Embedded Modem

Does your application need more bandwidth?

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