The RF Digital Simblee makes creating phone and tablet apps is as easy as blinking an LED. The mobile application resides on the Simblee device, not on the phone; no app downloads are needed. Simblee is programmed using Arduino Sketch code, but expands upon the Sketch format used by the RFduino modules by including interface logic for the mobile application, meaning the hardware code and mobile app both appear on the same page of code. Instead of requiring users to interact with multiple individually branded applications, Simblee provides an interface and a connection to the Web, creating an experience more akin to visiting a website that interacts with real-world objects.
"There's a level of depth in this. It's sort of like seeing internet for the first time."
Rafe Husain - Former Sr. Principal Engineer - Broadcom
"Device functionality, app functionality and web interaction functionality all in one session.. a true internet of things product!"
Bruce Cannon - Former Lead Innovation Architect - Mattel
"The simple and easy way to use this beautiful product, it is the future!"
Billie Whitehouse - Co-Founder - Wearable Experiments
The Simblee RFD77101 (module only) and the RDD77201 (module with adapter to RFDuino).
Simblee RF Digital


  • Very powerful
  • Put anything on the cloud
  • Great range
  • 3 ms Latency
  • 10 microsecond accuracy
  • 7 X 10 mm
  • Built in antenna
  • Built in ARM controller
  • FCC, IC, CE, TELEC Approved
  • 29 GPIOS
  • Compatible with RFduino products

Simblee Resources

RF Digital Simblee RFD77101 Datasheet
RF Digital Simblee Datasheet (preliminary)
Simblee Altium Dual Footprint and Library
Simblee Footprint and Library
Simblee Eagle Dual Footprint and Library
Simblee Footprint and Library

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