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The CW46 GPS sensor is a fully integrated module that includes the CW25 GPS receiver, DC/DC converter, RS232, RS422 and USB interface options, and active GPS antenna — all housed in a small weatherproof (IP67 rated) enclosure. The CW25 GPS receiver, at the center of the CW46 sensor, has been designed specifically for acquiring and tracking satellites in weak signal areas such as under dense foliage, severe urban canyons and even inside buildings. The CW46 can acquire satellites at signal levels down to –155dBm with network assisted ephemeris data, and track satellites down to –155dBm. The CW46 can also autonomously acquire satellites at signal levels as low as –143dBm. The CW46 utilizes the CW25-TIM GPS receiver inside, allowing the CW46 to act as a complete timing module capable of outputting a GPS disciplined frequency up to 10 MHz that can achieve full PRC MTIE performance in good signal areas. The CW46 can also continue to provide synchronization in very weak signal areas including inside buildings; which will dramatically reduce installation costs. For example; many environments require high placement (i.e 40 ft.) of the GPS antenna to ensure a clear view of satellites. The CW46 eliminates this need and cost through its low signal strength tracking capabilities.

A-GPS SupportN
Embedded AntennaY
Frequency1575.42 Mhz
ProtocolsNMEA, Netowrk Assist, ASCII, Binary
SBAS SupportN
SiRF ChipN
Timing SpecificY
Track Sensitivity-155 dBm
TTFF, Cold45 Sec.
TTFF, Hot5 Sec.
Navsync CW46 Product Brief
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CW46 GPS Sensor
Part #: CW46
CW46 GPS Sensor

Previously Viewed Products
CW46 GPS Sensor
Part #: CW46
CW46 GPS Sensor
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