4 Line ESD/EMI Protection for Color LCD Interfaces


Union Semiconductor

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The UM4411 is a low pass filter array with integrated TVS diodes. It is designed to suppress unwanted EMI/RFI signals and provide electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection in portable electronic equipment. This state-of-the-art device utilizes silicon-avalanche technology for superior clamping performance and DC electrical characteristics. It has been optimized for protection of color LCD panels in cellular phones and other portable electronics. The device consists of four identical circuits comprised of TVS diodes for ESD protection, and a RC network for EMI filtering. A series resistor value of 100Ω and a capacitance value of 10pF are used to achieve 25dB minimum attenuation from 800 MHz to 2.5GHz. The TVS diodes provide effective suppression of ESD voltages in excess of ±15kV (air discharge) and ±8kV (contact discharge) per IEC 61000-4-2, level 4. The UM4411 is in an 8-pin, RoHS compliant DFN8 package. It measures 1.7mm x 1.3mm. The leads are spaced at a pitch of 0.4mm and are finished with lead-free Ni Pd. The small package makes it ideal for use in portable electronics such as cell phones, digital still cameras, and PDAs.
  • EMI/RFI Filter with Integrated TVS for ESD Protection
  • ESD Protection to IEC 61000-4-2 (ESD) Level 4, ±15kV (air), ±8kV (contact)
  • 25dB Minimum Attenuation: 800MHz to 2.5GHz
  • Working Voltage: 5V
  • Resistor: 100Ω ±15%
  • Typical Capacitance: 10pF (VR = 2.5V)
  • Solid-state Technology
  • DFN8 Package: 1.7mm x 1.3 mm
  • Moisture Sensitivity Level 1
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