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Linear Hall Sensor Analog 3 Wire SOT89



MFG Part #:  


Part #:  
Family:   HAL 18xy
Availability   Short Lead Time
RoHS Status:   Available Green
The HAL 1821/1822/1823 are new members of the linear Hall-effect sensor family HAL 182x, offering excellent performance/ price trade-off. They are universal magnetic field sensors with a ratiometric, linear analog output. The members of the sensor family can be used for magnetic field measurements, current measurements and detection of any mechanical movement. Very accurate angle measurements or distance measurements can also be carried out. The sensors are very robust and can be used in harsh electrical and mechanical environments.The output voltage is proportional to the magnetic flux density through the Hall plate. The choppered offset compensation leads to stable magnetic characteristics over supply voltage and temperature.The different family members vary by -sensitivity (25 mV/mT, 31.25 mV/mT and 50 mV/mT). The quiescent output voltage (offset) for all family members is 50% of the supply voltage.
They are available in the very small leaded package TO92UA and in the small SMD package SOT89B.
The sensors are designed for industrial and automotive applications and operates in the junction temperature range from –40 °C up to 170 °C.
  • Ratiometric linear output proportional to the magnetic field
  • Temperature and stress stable quiescent output volt-age
  • Very accurate sensitivity and offset
  • Customized versions possible
  • On-chip temperature compensation
  • Active offset compensation
  • Operates from 40 C up to 170 C junction temper-ature
  • Operates from 4.5 V up to 5.5 V supply voltage in specification operates with static magnetic fields and dynamic magnetic fields up to 2.25kHz
  • Overvoltage and reverse-voltage protection at VSUP pin
  • Magnetic characteristics extremely robust against mechanical stress
  • Short-circuit protected push-pull output
  • EMC and ESD optimized design
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Linear Hall Sensor Analog 3 Wire SOT89
Part #: HAL1823SF-A-4-R-1-00
Linear Hall Sensor Analog 3 Wire SOT89

Previously Viewed Products
Linear Hall Sensor Analog 3 Wire SOT89
Part #: HAL1823SF-A-4-R-1-00
Linear Hall Sensor Analog 3 Wire SOT89
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