WAB1 with 3G Cellular and Bluetooth Smart Development Kit

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Product Information

The complete m2m development kit includes Telit’s Wireless-Add-On-Board along with 3G-In-A-Box and all the components from Silicon Labs' DKBLE kit.

The Wireless Add-On Board (WAB1) is designed to provide a bridge between Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth Smart) and Cellular Technologies. It is the quickest way to show a proof of concept with BLE and Telit’s Cellular technologies and to start the software development on the two platforms.


To provide the cellular connectivity Telit interface boards along with EVK2 is used.WAB1 is used to integrate the BLE carrier boards with the Cellular Interface boards. The BLE part helps in communicating over the short distances whereas the cellular part helps in communicating with the longer ranges or connecting with Cloud.

3G-IN-A-BOX is based on the Telit HE910 3G HSPA+ module. The HE910 modules are small, lightweight, low power consumption and RoHS compliant devices which combines the access to digital communication services in GSM, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS and HSPA networks with Land-Grid Array (LGA) form factor.

The DKBLE includes carrier boards for all the Bluetooth Smart Modules from Silicon Labs and a dongle implementing Bluetooth Low Energy protocol as well. DKBLE provides a ready-to-use hardware platform and a Bluetooth Smart Software Development Kit including all the necessary documentation and PC tools.

A number of WAB example applications are also available on GitHub - https://github.com/SymmetryElectronics/EVK2-WAB/wiki

WAB1 Specifications: 

- 4 Programmable push buttons available for designing.
- Temperature Sensor with 12 bit resolution, I2C interface, measurable temperature range: -55°C to 125°C
- Potentiometer is connected to BLE module analog input
- 2Mbit onboard flash memory
- Test points for current consumption and peripherals provided
- 3-way switch to manage UART connectivity between EVK2, interface board and BLE carrier board.
- USB input for BLE carrier board- CC debugger interface provided to program BLE carrier boards
- Operating Temperature: 0 C to +85 C

DKBLE Specifications:

- Display (SPI)- 3-axis accelerometer
- TPS62730 DC/DC converter- CR2032 battery holder
- BLE121LR, BLE113-A, BLE113-A-M256K and BLE112 carrier boards
- BLED112 USB dongle

3G-In-A-Box Specifications: 

- Telit EVK2 (Development Board)
- Telit HE910 Interface Board (daughter card with HE910 module for EVK)
- EAD FGPX35135-SM-3K External GPS Antenna
- PTR7210 Pentaband Multiposition Antenna- Power Supply
- Quick Start Developers Kit CD (Contains software, documents and drivers)- 



- Quick and easy designing of the proof-of-concepts for new applications
- Rapid software development possible with BLE and Cellular combination
- On board peripheral devices included
- Perfect platform for a wide range of applications requiring HSPA connectivity
- HE910 family can also be provided with an optional integrated high sensitivity A-GPS functionality for indoor fixes and simultaneous GPS with voice and data.
- Bluegigas Bluetooth Smart software included with SDK, tools and drivers


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