TMC239 Microstep Driver for External FETs



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The TMC239 is a smart high current microstepping driver for bipolar stepper motors. It provides an SPI™ interface as well as the classical analog / digital control. A full set of protection and diagnostic features makes this device very rugged. It directly drives external MOSFETs for currents of up to 4A . (A list of compatible power MOSFETs is given within the datasheet.) This way it reaches an extremely high effi ciency and allows driving of a high motor current without cooling measures even at high environment temperatures. With the new chip-scale QFN package a 4A motor driver can be realized on the size of a stamp! The high motor current makes this device ideal for miniaturized highly dynamic and high torque drive systems.
  • up to 4000 mA coil current (peak) with just 8 external MOSFETS
  • 7V to 34V motor supply (TMC239A), up to 60V using a few add. components
  • higher current / voltage using additional gate drivers
  • 3.3V or 5V operation for digital part
  • full protection and diagnostics
  • low power dissipation
  • 16 times microstepping via SPI, 64 times using additional shift register, even more via analog control
  • mixed decay for smooth operation
  • programmable slope control for low EME
  • internal or external chopper clock
  • standby and shutdown mode
  • easy-to-use SPI interface
  • classical analog interface
  • standard SO28 package
  • chip size QFN32 package
  • RoHS compliant
Trinamic Datasheet
Trinamic Application Note
Trinamic Application Note
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Trinamic Application Note
Trinamic Application Note
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