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DESIGN WEST  |  ESC  |  March 26 - 29, 2012
Symmetry Electronics - ESC 2012 - Booth #2006 ONLINE
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Symmetry Electronics would like to thank those who took time to visit us at DESIGN West San Jose last week and those who participated in the $250.00 Gift Certificate drawing(s). Both winners have been notified and are accepting their prizes. Gift Certificate #1 was donated to a San Jose charity, and both the winner and charity have chosen to remain anonymous. Gift Certificate #2 was won by Alex B, a Senior Hardware Engineer from ShoreTel located in Sunnyvale, CA. Congratulations to both winners!

About Symmetry Electronics and SemiconductorStore.com

Founded in 1998, Symmetry Electronics Corp. is a supplier-authorized, global distributor specializing in the distribution of wireless, video, and embedded semiconductor products. Symmetry provides sales, logistics, design and manufacturing support from its world headquarters in Southern California, local field offices and a robust ecommerce and einformation website www.SemiconductorStore.com. Symmetry Electronics is ISO9001:2008 certified and supports its customer base with factory trained FAEs, deep inventory, and product selection expertise. For more information on Symmetry Electronics or to view their complete line card, visit www.SymmetryElectronics.com

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Featured Products

At DesignWest 2012, Fujitsu will showcase its family of ARM-based and low-pin count microcontrollers, graphics display controllers, FRAM devices and power management ICs.

Product Demos

  1. Microcontrollers (MCUs) - Fujitsu offers an extensive lineup of 8-, 16-, 32-bit microcontrollers with proprietary as well as ARM CPU core based devices. A host of peripherals and communication interfaces linked with Fujitsu’s high-speed secure embedded flash technology provides solutions for automotive, industrial, and consumer needs. Fujitsu will demonstrate FM3 MCUs based on the ARM Cortex-M3 core. Products range from low pin count, low-power microcontrollers (MCUs) to high performance products with large memory and a rich set of peripherals, including multiple Motor controls, USB, CAN and twin Ethernet devices.
  2. FRAM (Ferroelectric Random Access Memory) - Fujitsu will demonstrate its revolutionary non-volatile FRAM memory that is more robust and offers higher-performance compared to traditional non-volatile memories such as E2PROM. It offers high endurance (1015 read/write cycles) and fast read / write speed (~2-3 nanoseconds) with low power consumption, resistant to both tampering and radiation.
  3. Graphics Display Controllers (GDCs) - The wide-ranging line of Fujitsu GDCs combines the functionality of a display controller (DCU) and graphics processing unit (GPU). The 2D / 3D GDCs offer Industry-leading advanced graphics functions, low-power Green design, and a long product life-cycle (10+ years).
  4. Power Management ICs (PMICs) - Fujitsu will also display its line of power management ICs, including the industry’s first 6MHz buck-boost DCDC converter.
    • The Fujitsu MB39C326 6MHz Synchronous Buck Boost DC/DC Converter is designed to power the radio frequency power amplifiers (RFPAs) in mobile handsets or other mobile devices that use a single-cell Li-ion battery; the buck-boost functionality prolongs battery life and efficiency.
    • The Fujitsu MB39A134 Battery Charging IC is a DC/DC converter IC charging solution for 1-4 cell notebook Li-ion batteries with wide input voltage range (8V to 25V) and low current consumption under standby mode. Its highly efficient pulse width modulation (PWM) provides accurate and independent control of charge voltage and current.


Fujitsu will give away 3 FM3 MCU Development Kits which attendees can enter to win during the event.

  • Supports development of FM3 Microcontroller MB9BF500/510 series that has robust peripheral features, including motor control timers (MFT), base timer (can be configured to PWM, PPG, Reload, PWC timer), ADCs, on-chip memory (up to 512K Flash, up to 64K SRAM), and a wide range of communication interfaces (USB-Host/Device, I2C, SIO, LIN, CAN).
  • Board provides 128×64 Matrix LCD for user interface and external onboard 32MB Nand Flash
  • On-board MLink supports JTAG and SWD mode. In addition, MLink can connect to the user target system through the standard ARM® 20-pin JTAG socket thereby allowing the external emulator to emulate the board
  • (CN3), thereby allowing the external emulator
  • On-board programming with both USB and UART modes.
  • Kit comes bundled with complete support package supporting hardware design and software source code to get started development quickly.

About Fujitsu

Fujitsu is a leading designer and developer of innovative semiconductor products and solutions for new generations of consumer, communications, automotive and industrial products. At DesignWest, Fujitsu will showcase an extensive lineup of microcontrollers (MCUs), graphic display controllers (GDCs), FRAM (Ferroelectric Random Access Memory) devices, and power management ICs. Highlights include the industry leading FM3 family of 32-bit MCUs featuring the ARM Cortex-M3TM CPU and Fujitsu’s line of FRAM solutions. FRAM is a high-performance and low-power non-volatile memory that combines the benefits of non-volatile memories (Flash and E2PROM) with high-speed RAM (SRAM and DRAM).



Wi-Fi of Things

Featured Products:

GainSpan's exhibit at Design West 2012 will showcase its new 19.4mm x 29.7mm size optimized, full-featured and self-contained GS1011MIPS module and its GS1500M, 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi module, both designed for the "Internet of Things."

Product Demos:

GainSpan's exhibit at Design West 2012 will showcase its new 19.4mm x 29.7mm size optimized, full-featured and self-contained GS1011MIPS module and its GS1500M, 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi module, both designed for the "Internet of Things." Like with all other GainSpan modules, designers can quickly and easily add Wi-Fi connectivity to any 8-32-bit microcontrollers – through a serial interface and using AT commands. The modules incorporate serial to Wi-Fi firmware with complete Wi-Fi functionality including security, WPS and provisioning features running on the module as well as the networking stack, an embedded HTTP server with network configuration pages, and limited AP capability for ease of provisioning.

GainSpan will be demonstrating device connectivity to the cloud during the show. A temperature and light sensor board, using Wi-Fi to connect to the Internet, will then be remotely monitored and controlled from a smartphone connected wirelessly to the cloud via 3G.


GainSpan will be giving away a Wi-Fi remote control car that can be "driven" with a smartphone. To be eligible to win the car, visitors should drop off their business cards (or have them scanned) at the booth. A winner will be picked the last day of the show.

About Gainspan

GainSpan is a leading ultra-low power embedded Wi-Fi semiconductor solutions company, focused on connecting Things to the Internet, and People to Things. With easy to use system-on-chip (SoC), modules and software, GainSpan lets customers leverage the large installed base of Wi-Fi access points and smart-phones to create new connected embedded products for healthcare, smart energy and control/monitoring in industrial, commercial and residential markets.



Ultra Low Power Wireless Solutions

Featured Products:

At Design West 2012, Nordic will feature products from its Bluetooth Low Energy, ANT, and Proprietary offering.

Product Demos:

  1. nRFready iOS Demo App Reference Design - The nRFready iOS Demo APP (listed as "nRFready Utility" on App Store) is a sample application that provides developers with an ideal starting point and ready-built design framework to accelerate development of ANT+ and Bluetooth® smart wireless connectivity APPS and accessories for the iPhone 4S. This application complements Nordic's nRF24AP2 Series ANT and nRF8000 Series Bluetooth smart solution to offer a complete end-to-end product development solution, compatible with Bluetooth v4.0.
  2. nRFready µBlue Smart Remote Reference Design - The nRFready µBlue RF Smart Remote is a complete reference design for a multi-touch / QWERTY keyboard / 6-axis motion sensing Bluetooth® Smart remote control. It provides an ideal platform for developing advanced navigation remote controls for Connected TVs and set-top boxes, as well as multi-touch trackpads for computers. The design is built upon the nRF8001 Bluetooth Smart connectivity IC in combination with the ultra-low power flash LPC1100 series ARM® Cortex™ M0 MCU from NXP Semiconductors. This design ensures excellent power performance together with the popular, industry proven ARM® Cortex™ microcontroller architecture. Our design features a multi-touch enabled trackpad from Synaptics that supports both pointing and clicking as well as a range of multi-touch gestures. 6-axis motion sensing is enabled using the highly integrated solution from Invensense that pack a 3-axis Gyro and 3-axis accelerometer together with an advanced motion-sensing processor to enable 'free-space' remote control designs. An ultra-low power accelerometer from ST Microelectronics is used to intelligently detect inactivity and control power management ultra-efficiently and can additionally also be used for other features such as orientation detection.
  3. nRFready µBlue Desktop Reference Design - Details to follow
  4. nRF8002 Development Kit - The nRF8002 Development Kit is a development platform that enables engineers to develop a range of Bluetooth® Smart applications based around proximity and alert use-cases using only the nRFgo Studio and without the need for any application code

    The Development Kit includes a nRF8002 Bluetooth low energy radio module and a Master Emulator. The Master Emulator simulates a master device for the nRF8002, enabling you to monitor and control the peer-to-peer Bluetooth low energy connection.


nRF8001- Devekopment Kit: nRFgo Development Kit for nRF8001 - nRFgo compatible evaluation, prototyping and firmware development solution for the nRF8001 Bluetooth low energy Connectivity IC. The kit includes:

  • 1x nRF8001 radio modules with PCB antenna
  • 1x nRF8001 radio module with SMA connector
  • 1x nRFgo carrier board with nRF8200 application microcontroller
  • 1x Bluetooth low energy master emulator
  • 5x nRF8001 samples
  • Getting Started Guide

About Nordic

Nordic Semiconductor ('Nordic') is a fabless semiconductor company specializing in ultra low power (ULP) short-range wireless communication in the license-free 2.4GHz and sub-1-GHz Industrial, Scientific and Medical (ISM) bands. Technologies include proprietary, ANT™, and Bluetooth® low energy protocols. Nordic's ULP wireless solutions are enabling its customers to build wireless connectivity into everything from mainstream consumer RF remote controls through to the most advanced and innovative 'game-changing' wireless devices – while meeting or exceeding end users' expectations in terms of features, performance, and price.



Power Over Ethernet

Featured Products:

Silvertel will showcase its new products for the quarter including the:

  • Ag6600/Ag5600 - 100W PoE units
  • Ag6100 - Single channel PSE
  • Ag9700 - Cost reduced PD

Product Demos:

  1. Ag6700 and Ag5700 - 200W Power over Ethernet PSE and PD modules. Ideal for LED Displays/TVs or other high power applications such as lighting, door access, Microwave links or large security cameras.

    The Ag5700 is a Powered Device (PD) module capable of supplying up to 200W to the user equipment, over a standard Cat5e / 6 Ethernet cable. It is designed to work exclusively with the Ag6700 Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE). It incorporates a wide range of micro-processor controlled monitoring and protection features to ensure it operates safely within the target equipment such as TV's, displays, computer monitors and laptops.

    The Ag6700 is a high Power Sourcing Module (PSM) that can deliver up to 230 Watts of output power, over a standard Cat 5e / 6 Ethernet cable. It is designed to work with the Ag5700 Powered Device (PD) module to provide a complete Power over Ethernet (PoE) solution for very high power applications such as TV's, Displays, computer monitors and laptops. The Ag6700 incorporates a wide range of protection features to ensure the safe operation of very high power PoE.

  2. Ag5600 and Ag6600 – 100W PoH compliant Power over Ethernet PSE and PD modules. Ideal for Power over HDBaseT application LED Displays/TVs and extenders or other high power applications such as lighting, door access, Microwave links or large security cameras.

    The Ag5600 has on-board µ-controller to monitor multiple parameters, including the input voltage, output current and output diode temperature. If any of these parameters go outside of the modules specification the µ-controller will automatically shut the DC/DC output off within 10ms. It will monitor the status and normal operation will not resume until the parameter returns within specification

    The Ag6600 is a high Power Sourcing Module (PSM) that can deliver up to 100 Watts of output power. This POE pair uses the standard PoH smart signature used to detect that it is connected correctly and not to any much lower power IEEE802.3af or IEEE802.3at devices.

  3. Ag7040 and Ag7020 – Multichannel DC – DC converter

    The Ag7040 is a four output non isolating DC-DC converter in a single compact module. The module is available in Single in Line (SIL) format. The module has a 12V input and this is regulated to give four separate output voltages. The output voltages are programmable between 0.8V to 5.5V.

    The Ag7020 is a compact multi output non isolating DC-DC converter in a single module. The Ag7020 provides dual outputs capable of delivering up to 6A each; with short circuit protection. The modules are available in Single in Line (SIL) format.

About Silvertel

Silvertel is a pioneer in Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology. The first company to have products providing up to 200W of power over a standard Ethernet cable, Silvertel will feature products including Power over Ethernet PSE and PD modules, Battery chargers, Telecom interfaces and Multichannel DC – DC converters.



Making Machines Talk

Featured Products:

This year, Telit will feature products from its HE910 and DE910 module families as well as Vitality – GlowCaps, BSM Wireless – SFM 2000, ETL Electronique – Astus Blue Tag Tracking, WH Electronics – AXON, and WH Electronics – AirLoom products.

Product Demos:

HE910 - The HE910 modules are small, lightweight, low power consumption and RoHS compliant devices that combines the access to digital communication services in GSM, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS and HSPA networks with Land-Grid Array (LGA) form factor. The LGA package provides ultra-low profile in the integrated solution while at the same time enhancing the performance of mechanical resistance to shock and reducing cost in high-volume applications, saving space and weight in portable devices.

DE910 - The DE910-DUAL is a 3G EV-DO CDMA module featuring the same Land-Grid Array (LGA) form factor as its globally compatible UMTS/HSPA counterpart, the HE910. Along with built-in gpsOne® assisted GPS and autonomous GPS, the DE910-DUAL features an ultra-compact LGA package measuring 28.2 x 28.2 x 2.6mm and an extended operating temperature range of -30°C to +85°C, making it the perfect platform for mobile computing and aftermarket telematics devices.

Vitality – GlowCaps, BSM Wireless – SFM 2000, ETL Electronique – Astus Blue Tag Tracking, WH Electronics – AXON, and WH Electronics – AirLoom are consumer level products that Telit parts have been designed into. Samples of each will be on display in San Jose.


Telit Evaluation Kit (EVK2) - The Telit Evaluation Kit (EVK2) provides a robust, future-proof and flexible environment for rapid development of applications for the full range of GSM/GPRS, UMTS/HSDPA and CDMA module families, dramatically reducing time-to-market. The kit is comprised of a motherboard, and an adapter board with the HE910 module is connected. The EVK2 can be used across various form factors and product generations, both present and future.

About Telit

Telit Wireless Solutions is a leading provider of embedded cellular modules for machine-to-machine (M2M) applications. Telit's wireless communication modules help companies add cellular connectivity to their products to support additional value added services. Telit was the first M2M module supplier to introduce the family concept, in which form factors and logical interfaces are consistent across technologies (GSM, CDMA, UMTS), meaning customers can develop a single design which will support multiple technologies. Customers can easily replace the modules with successor products without changing the application.



Internet Connectivity Provider

Featured Products:

At Design West San Jose, WIZnet will feature a vast array of products including its Wi-Fi capable chips, modules, evaluation boards and other development tools.

Product Demos:

W7200 - ARM 32bit Cortex M3 with Hardwired TCP/IP, MAC, and PHY. iMCU W7200 is the one-chip solution which integrates an Cortex-M3 core, 20KB SRAM and hardwired TCP/IP Core for high performance and easy development. The TCP/IP core is a market-proven hardwired TCP/IP stack with an integrated Ethernet MAC & PHY. The Hardwired TCP/IP stack supports the TCP, UDP, IPv4, ICMP, ARP, IGMP and PPPoE which has been used in various applications for years.

W7200 EVB - W7200-EVB is the evaluation board for testing iMCU W7200 and prototyping development. W7200-EVB is composed of a W7200 based on ARM Cortex M3 CPU core, a W7200 which acts as Hardwired TCP/IP embedded Ethernet controller, and a FT232R which acts as USB-to-UART interface IC.

W7100A - iMCU W7100A is a single chip microcontroller with TCP/IP and 10/100 fast ethernet MAC/PHY. iMCU W7100A (100 Pin Package) is 100% compatible with W7100. W7100A is the upgraded chip by adding the functions of Memory Lock, Power Down mode and GPIO Pull-Up/Down control. For the tiny embedded device, 64QFN package type is supported.

W7100A EVB - iMCU7100EVB is an Evaluation Board made for testing whole functions of internet embedded MCU W7100A. iMCU7100EVB can easily build serial-to-Ethernet communication environment by using RS-232 port and LAN port; W7100A can also use supported Character LCD and other added ports to control and test the all functions of the W7100A chip.

W5200 - The W5200 chip is a Hardwired TCP/IP embedded Ethernet controller that enables easier internet connection for embedded systems using SPI Interface. By using SPI Interface, the decreased footprint size enables easier implementation for smaller embedded systems. The Hardware TCP/IP stack that is being used in W5200 has been certified throughout years in many applicable fields and provides network protocols such as, TCP, UDP, IPv4, ICMP, ARP, IGMP, PPPoE, and etc.

W5200E01-M3 - W5200E01-M3 is the evaluation board for testing iEthernet W5200 and prototyping development. W5200E01-M3 is composed of a STM32F103C8 based on ARM Cortex M3 CPU core, a W5200 which acts as Hardwired TCP/IP embedded Ethernet controller, and a FT232R which acts as USB-to-UART interface IC.

WIZ820io - WIZ820io is the internet offload network module that includes W5200 (TCP/IP hardwired chip, include PHY), MAG-JACK (RJ45 with X'FMR) with other glue logics. It can be used as a component and no effort is required to interface W5200 and Transformer. The WIZ820io is an ideal option for users who want to develop their Internet enabling systems rapidly.

WIZ630WI - Serial to Wi-Fi, Serial to LAN AP Module. Complies with IEEE802.11n 4.0, Router/AP(Bridge)/AP-Client/Client(Station)/Ad-hoc Mode, WDS/Repeater supported, 1T1R RF Interface, Physical link rate up to 150Mpbs

WIZFi210/220 - The WizFi210 family of fully certified modules offers a quick, easy, and cost effective way for device and appliance manufacturers to add Wi-Fi capabilities to their products. The module provides serial UART interface which enables connection to any embedded design utilizing an 8/16/32-bit microcontroller via simple commands.

The WizFi220 is a RF-enhanced Product. Except for [RF Output Power], the WizFi220 is similar in management and development to the WizFi210. In other words, the WizFi220 will consume more power but it has the improved WiFi range.

WIZFi210/220 EVB - Evaluation Board for WizFi210/220 module

About WIZnet

WIZnet is a private fabless semiconductor company, founded on 1998 in Korea.Main Product is an Internet Processor, iMCU™, which is specialized by TOE (TCP/IP Offload Engine) technologybased on an unique patented Fully Hardwired TCP/IP. iMCU™ market is Embedded Internet Devices in a wide variety of applications, which is also segmented locally and regionally.

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