Harness the Small and Mighty Power of SemiconductorStore.com and AMD Embedded Solutions:

  • AMD Embedded G-Series APU(s) – low-power CPU and advanced GPU on a single chip allowing you to revolutionize your design with smaller, lighter devices that don’t compromise performance or features
  • AMD Embedded G-Series SOC processor(s) – The AMD Embedded G-Series SOC platform is a high-performance, low-power System-on-Chip (SOC) design, featured with enterprise-class error-correction code (ECC) memory support, dual and quad-core variants, integrated discrete-class GPU and I/O controller on the same die.
  • AMD R-Series APU(s) – High performance CPU and powerful AMD Radeon™ graphics technology on a single chip, enabling a high definition visual experience for smaller form factors at low power and cost

Using the short questionaire on the right, find out if you qualify* for a free product sample, and see why you should choose AMD Embedded Solutions for your next system design.

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Do you need to drive a display or run graphics with your application?
What is the maximum power you can afford for the processor?
Which x86 processors have you used in the past?
What is your application?
Have you been dealing with the challenge of GPU memory access?
Have you heard about HAS and hUMA from AMD, which simplifies data exchange between GPU and CPU and processing it on both sides?
What can a new 5W TDP SOC with full x86 capability from AMD with best performance-per-watt do for your design?
Do you need 7-yr of product support for your embedded system to ensure long-term stability?
Can hardware accelration engine benefit your graphic related embedded system design?
Is parallel computing capability a concern for your embedded application when it comes to processor choice?
What is the timing for your project or design?
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Harness the small and mighty power of

AMD Embedded G-Series and R-Series processor families.

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