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The 9-bit video input processor is a combination of a two-channel analog preprocessing circuit including source selection, anti-aliasing filter and ADC, an automatic clamp and gain control, a Clock Generation Circuit (CGC), a digital multistandard decoder (PAL BGHI, PAL M, PAL N, combination PAL N, NTSC M, NTSC-Japan, NTSC N and SECAM), a brightness, contrast and saturation control circuit, a multistandard VBI data slicer and a 27 MHz VBI data bypass.

The pure 3.3 V CMOS circuit SAA7113H, analog front-end and digital video decoder, is a highly integrated circuit for desktop video applications. The decoder is based on the principle of line-locked clock decoding and is able to decode the color of PAL, SECAM and NTSC signals into ITU-R BT 601 compatible color component values. The SAA7113H accepts as analog inputs CVBS or S-video (Y/C) from TV or VTR sources. The circuit is I²C-bus controlled.

The integrated high performance multistandard data slicer supports several VBI data standards:

  • Teletext 625 lines: WST (World Standard Teletext) and CCST (Chinese teletext)
  • Teletext 525 lines: US-WST, NABTS (North-American Broadcast Text System) and MOJI (Japanese teletext)
  • Closed caption: Europe and US (line 21)
  • Wide Screen Signalling (WSS)
  • Video Programming Signal (VPS)
  • Time codes (VITC EBU/SMPTE)
  • High-speed VBI data bypass for Intercast application.
  • Four analog inputs, internal analog source selectors, e.g. 4 x CVBS or 2 x Y/C or (1 x Y/C and 2 x CVBS)
  • Two analog preprocessing channels in differential CMOS style for best S/N-performance
  • Fully programmable static gain or automatic gain control for the selected CVBS or Y/C channel
  • Switchable white peak control
  • Two built-in analog anti-aliasing filters
  • Two 9-bit video CMOS Analog-to-Digital Converters (ADCs), digitized CVBS or Y/C-signals are available on the VPO-port via IC-bus control
  • On-chip clock generator
  • Line-locked system clock frequencies
  • Digital PLL for horizontal sync processing and clock generation, horizontal and vertical sync detection
  • Requires only one crystal (24.576 MHz) for all standards
  • Automatic detection of 50 Hz and 60 Hz field frequency and automatic switching between PAL and NTSC standards
  • Luminance and chrominance signal processing for PAL BGHI, PAL N, combination PAL N, PAL M, NTSC M, NTSC N, NTSC 4.43, NTSC-Japan and SECAM
  • User programmable luminance peaking or aperture correction
  • Cross-color reduction for NTSC by chrominance comb filtering
  • Low power (< 0.5 W), low voltage (3.3 V), small package (QFP44)
  • Power saving mode by chip enable input
  • Detection of copy protected input signals according to the Macrovision standard; can be used to prevent unauthorized recording of pay-TV or video tape signals.
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