The PD57/60-1260 is a full mechatronic solution, made up of a TMCM-1260 stepper control module and a NEMA 23 or a NEMA 24 (57mm or 60mm flange size) motor. The PD57/60-1260 CANopen® firmware allows to control the module using the CANopen® protocol, making use of the Trinamic TMC5160 motion controller and motor driver. Dynamic current control and quiet, smooth and efficient operation are combined with StealthChop™, DcStep™, StallGuard™ and CoolStep™ features.


  • Stepper Motor NEMA17 / 42mm
  • 0.22 - 0.7Nm
  • with controller/driver
  • Linear and sixPoint ramps
  • +10. . . 30V DC supply voltage
  • Up to 2A RMS motor current
  • RS485, CAN & USB interface
  • integrated sensOstep encoder and support for external encoder
  • S/D interface
  • multi-purpose inputs and outputs

1260 Resources

PD-1260 Hardware Manual
PD-1260 Hardware Manual
TMCM-1260 Hardware Manual
TMCM-1260 Hardware Manual

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