Bluegiga a Silicon Labs company provides short-range wireless connectivity solutions including Bluetooth modules, Wi-Fi modules, and Bluetooth network access devices.

The mission of Bluegiga is to design and deliver easy-to-use, wireless connectivity solutions for OEMs, device manufacturers and system integrators. Bluegiga supplies a wide range of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi modules in order to serve industry leaders and start-ups in all sectors: beacons, consumer electronics, health and wellness, automotive aftermarket, sports and fitness, M2M and industrial. Bluegiga understands that certified, high performance radios are key to your application's success through the entire product life cycle. 

Complete Solution Approach

Bluegiga's flexible, highly integrated products meet the most demanding requirements and can be used in a number of applications. Their products are engineered to last and have the best in class RF sensitivity and power consumption profiles. Bluegiga's simple, but powerful software interface makes application development and integration straightforward for the seasoned developer or the novice engineer.

To ensure a successful customer project Bluegiga provides its customers robust technical information and a highly skilled customer service team to assist with any application scenario.

Bluegiga's complete solution approach is designed to help customers shorten development cycles, reduce design uncertainty, and improve time to market when creating Bluetooth enabled solutions.

Bluegiga’s iWRAP is an embedded Bluetooth® stack firmware for Bluegigas Bluetooth modules.  iWRAP exposes a powerful yet easy-to-use command interface to manage Bluetooth operations.  iWRAP hides the complexity of Bluetooth protocol stack and profiles from the end user.  A multitude of different Bluetooth profiles are suppored that are suitable for a wide variety of applicatons.  iWRAP can be used for almost anything from simple data or audio applications to more complex use cases where interaction with several Bluetooth enabled devices are needed - or even multi-profile environments for simultaneous audio and data connections.  Bluegiga iWRAP4 firmware is compatible with the iPhone Bluetooth implementation

Bluegiga is a contributing member of The Bluetooth SIG's Medical Working Group that is responsible for creating the Bluetooth Health Device Profile. Many companies in the SIG Medical Working Group are also the driving forces in Continua Health Alliance that has chosen Bluetooth as standard transport for wireless healthcare devices.

Symmetry Electronics and SemiconductorStore are proud to be a authorized stocking Bluegiga distributor. 

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