With the price and speed users need for IoT applications, NimbeLink’s Skywire™ CAT M embedded modems take full advantage of the modern 4G LTE network. They are replacing soon-to-be-discontinued 2G service and, in some applications, Cat 1 modems, also designed for IoT.

Based on the Sequans chipset, the Skywire Cat M modem is the industry’s first Cat M embedded modems with FCC and carrier-required end-device-certification, eliminating months of testing and tens of thousands of dollars in cost for product developers. Skywire Cat M LTE modems are the smallest in the industry and are compatible with a variety of Skywire development kits and microprocessor shields.  


  • Industry’s smallest form-factor
  • No carrier certification required
  • Xbee® standard interface
  • Easy migration path makes them future-proof
  • 1 U.FL port provides cellular antenna flexibility
  • 1 U.FL port provides GPS antenna flexibility
  • Requires a UART or USB connection
  • Support a wide range of voltages for design flexibility
  • Development kits available


  • Approvals: FCC, Verizon ODI
  • Lowest power cellular technology
  • LTE Bands B4(1700), B13(750)


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