Digi’s patented Punch2® Technology leverages chirp spread spectrum (CSS) modulation to provide better receiver sensitivity, multipath performance, and interference rejection than is available through commonly used frequency hopping spread spectrum (FHSS) or direct sequence spread spectrum (DSSS) systems. Configuration with XCTU allows for quick development, testing and configuration of Digi XLR PRO modules.
The Digi XLR PRO Module is a high performance, industrial grade long-range 900 MHz embedded radio that offers reliable wireless communications for OEM devices.
The Digi XLR Pro Module is ideal for OEMs developing products used in industrial applications including oil/gas, precision agriculture and utilities. It is available in the PCIe form factor, with serial communications via UART or SPI between the module and OEMs microcontroller.
The Digi XLR Pro Module Development Kit is available for developers to quickly and easily test and integrate the module into their devices. 

The kit includes ;
  • 2 XLR PRO Modules
  • 2 XLR PRO Development Boards
  • 2 Articulating Antennas
  • Power Supplies

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Product Brief

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