Silicon Motion offers embedded graphics to enable embedded and consumer applications such as high resolution handhelds, point-of-sale terminals, medical equipment, multi-functional printers, casino gaming machines, industrial PCs, and servers.

Silicon Motion GPU products are packaged in multi-chip modules (MCM) with embedded video memory to maximize cost effectiveness, minimize power consumption, and ensure prolonged device longevity. The integration of graphics fundamentals provides our products with outstanding reliability and flexibility to address the requirements of a broad range of applications.

Our embedded GPU products are designed to meet the needs of vertical markets that require flexible bus interface with a wide range of embedded microprocessors, such as x86, XScale, ARM7/9/11, MIPS, Renesas SH, and PowerPC. To help reduce total system costs and maximize capability in interfacing with a wide variety of external devices, our products can manage many types of I/O interfaces, including analog RGB and digital LCD panel interfaces, USB host, UART, AC97/I2S, Zoom Video, PWM, SSP, and GPIO. Our rich software debug and SDK tools simplify driver development by utilizing up to 8 graphics display layers and multiple display functions for high quality, sophisticated applications.

SM768 Features

  • PCIe 2.0 x1 or x2 interface
  • Integrated HDMI v1.4 transmitter
  • Dual 350MHz DAC/VGA outputs
  • Dual LVDS
  • Dual 24bit LCD Panel TTL or single 24bit digital I/F
  • Integrated 256MB memory for frame buffer
  • Hardware Video Decoder for H.264, MPEG2/4 and etc formats.
  • Multiple display channel with independent layer

SM768/SM750 Multiple Display Applications

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