The AMD Geode™ 600@0.7W Processor1, AMD Geode™ LX 700@0.8W processor,2 the AMD Geode LX800@0.9W processor,3 and the new AMD Geode LX 900@1.5W processor4 bring x86 power and versatility to applications for entertainment, business, education, and embedded market.
The AMD Geode LX 900@1.5W processor is the most advanced Geode LX processor for demanding embedded applications. This level of capability may not be needed for every application, but when premium performance is needed, the AMD Geode LX 900@1.5W processor delivers. The AMD Geode LX processor’s integrated, innovative architecture is one of the most energy-efficient x86 solutions in the industry and can lead to longer battery life and enable small form-factor designs.
AMD has also introduced patent pending technology that allows the AMD Geode LX family to use DDR2 memory modules in an existing design. With a minor change in the memory voltage and an updated BIOS, a current AMD Geode LX processor-based design can use a DDR2 memory module from ASint which helps ensure memory longevity and results in a significant system level power savings over the current design.
  • Natively run all Windows® and Linux based applications
  • Full Internet browser experience on portable devices
  • No software porting needed - programs run without modification
  • Access to the full universe of 32-bit x86 software
  • Support for any type of connectivity


  • x86/x87-compatible core
  • Processor Frequency:
  • LX 900, up to 600MHz
  • LX 800, up to 500MHz
  • LX 700, up to 433MHz
  • 64K I/64K D L1 cache and 128K L2 cache
  • Split I/D cache/TLB (Translation Look-Aside Buffer)
  • 64-bit DDR Memory interface up to 600MHz (LX 900), up to 400MHz (LX 800), and up to 333MHz (LX 700)
  • Integrated FPU that supports the Intel MMX and AMD 3DNow! Technology instruction sets
  • 9 GB/s internal GeodeLink Interface Unit (GLIU)
  • Security Block:
  • 128-bit AES (CBC/ECB)
  • True Random Number Generator
  • High-resolution CRT and TFT outputs (simultaneous operation):
  • Support for High Definition (HD) and Standard Definition (SD) standards
  • Support 1920x1440 in CRTmode and 1600x1200 in TFTmode
  • VESA 1.1 and 2.0 VIP/VDA support
  • 0.13 micron process
  • 481-terminal PBGA (Plastic Ball Grid Array) with internal heatspreader
  • Power management:
  • 2.6W Typical (5.1W TDP) @ 600MHz
  • 1.8W Typical (3.9W TDP) @ 500MHz
  • 1.3W Typical (3.1W TDP) @ 433MHz
  • GeodeLink active hardware power management
  • Hardware support for standard ACPI software power management
  • I/O companion SUSP#/SUSPA# power controls
  • Lower power I/O
  • Wakeup on SMI/INTR
  • Optional In-package 2KBit EEPROM

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