The HAL 1820 is a universal magnetic field sensor with a linear analog output based on the Hall effect. The IC can be used for angle and linear measurements if combined with a rotating or moving magnet. The major characteristics like magnetic field range, sensitivity, offset (output voltage at zero magnetic field), and the temperature coefficients are programmable in a non--volatile memory. 
The HAL 182x sub-family contains factory-set members of the Micronas family of value-optimized linear Hall sensors, offering excellent performance/price trade-off. They are universal magnetic field sensors with a ratiometric, linear analog output.
Dexter Magnetics 6322005 Axial Disc Magnets are recommended for similar designs.
The members of the sensor family can be used for magnetic field measurements, current measurements and detection of any mechanical movement. Very accurate angle measurements or distance measurements can also be carried out. The sensors are very robust and can be used in harsh electrical and mechanical environments. The output voltage is proportional to the magnetic flux density through the Hall plate. The choppered offset compensation leads to stable magnetic characteristics over supply voltage and temperature.

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