Fujitsu's IdeaBoxx series are fully self-contained, graphics-centric software development kits (SDK) offering everything a user needs to create a complete graphical sub-system in minutes.
Designed as a series of products, IdeaBoxx™ complements the far-reaching capabilities of Fujitsu’s Graphics Display Controllers.
With the Fujitsu IdeaBoxx series, artists can view their work instantly on the target display using the actual embedded hardware. Removing the artist’s dependency on the engineer liberates the artists to explore new ideas and concepts without having to secure, and potentially waste, the time of the engineers.
While the IdeaBoxx™ SoM is “plug and play,” its intuitive design functions as much as an engineer’s reference device as it does a graphic designer’s 3D modeling tool.  This gives the power to the users, arming them with flexible decision making.  The outcome is a fully user-defined interactive experience in a completely customized environment.  With a standardized peripheral set and a common base hardware, users can introduce a variety of processors to balance power consumption with graphics power.  We’re talking a single platform designed for extremely high functionality, sleek design at a cost comparable to a SoM with far less functionality.
“When the FSA team discovered Crank Software’s Storyboard Suite, we realized it was a perfect fit for the IdeaBoxx concept. Even within our graphics development operation, where our engineers have many years of experience in developing graphics for embedded targeted markets, working with Crank software was a revelation. The highly intuitive user interface is instantly comprehensible and the seamless relationship with Photoshop PSD files enables our artists to generate prototypes almost instantaneously.” —Dan Landeck, FSA Director of Product Marketing
The Jade IdeaBoxx is now available. “Emerald” and “Triton” versions of IdeaBoxx™ are coming soon.
Symmetry Electronics is the exclusive authorized distributor of the Fujitsu IdeaBoxx series.


  • (1) PCB with Fujitsuís Jade SoM, processor, graphics memory (frame buffer), Flash memory and RAM memory
  • (1) 7-inch backlit LCD with capacitive touch screen
  • (1) USB stick containing documentation, and preloaded touch and non-touch demos
  • (1) SD card
  • (1) Power supply
  • (1) USB cable for console access

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