The MP-2L is a MIMO LTE GNSS Magnetic Antenna part of the EAD’s Magnetic Puck range. Based on the CPx antenna radome, the MP-2L is a low profile puck antenna with a high pull-strength magnet in the base of the antenna. This version has 2 x LTE antenna elements and an active GPS/GLONASS element making it ideal for mobile LTE applications to be installed on vehicle roofs and remote LTE-enabled systems such as wireless CCTV.

The MP-2LG MIMO LTE GNSS magnetic antenna is part of the MP Magnetic Puck antenna range including the MP-2L (2 x LTE) and the MP-LWG (1 x LTE, 1 x WiFi, 1 x GNSS).

A permanent mount version of this antenna is also available called the CMG.


  • Low Profile Puck Antenna
  • 2 x LTE & 1 x GNSS
  • Side Exit Cables
  • High Strength Magnetic Mount

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MP-2LG Spec Sheet
MP-2LG Spec Sheet

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