The nRF52840 is designed around an ARM Cortex-M4 CPU with floating Point unit (FPU) and has 1MB flash with cache and 256kB RAM. As such it has the ability to support complex and demanding applications as a single chip solution. It offers a wealth of peripherals that include NFC, USB and multiple interface options including Quad SPI (QSPI). Security is paramount in today's IoT designs and the nRF52840 has high-end security features included to achieve best in clas security with an ARM CryptoCEll cryptographic system on chip and a full AES 128-bit encryption suite.

Full Bluetooth 5 support

The nRF52840 has full hardware and software support for all the new features introduced in Bluetooth 5:


Bluetooth mesh and Thread support

The nRF52840 is ideal for building products and infrastructure employing mesh networking. It has hardware and software support for Bluetooth mesh with nRF5 SDK for Mesh. It is a Thread certified component and is supported by the nRF5 SDK for Thread for those building Thread compatible products.

Processing power and flash flexibility

The nRF52840 incorporates the powerful ARM Cortex-M4 CPU with Floating Point Unit (FPU) running at 64 MHz enabling the most demanding applications with complex arithmetic requirements to be realized in a single chip solution.

The nRF52840 is a flash-based SoC and offers all the flexibility associated with using flash memory. It is supported by Over-The-Air Device Firmware Updates (OTA-DFU) meaning security updates and feature improvements can be sent to the device via updates when it is in the field.

Multiprotocol radio

The new radio supports multiple protocols including all the new features of Bluetooth 5 plus 802.15.4-based protocols such as Thread, ANT and 2.4GHz proprietary. The radio supports high resolution RSSI measurement and automated functions to reduce CPU load, including EasyDMA for direct memory access for packet data and assembly.

Power Efficiency

The nRF52840 SoC employs power and resource management to maximize application energy efficiency and battery life. The supply range between 1.7V and 5.5V supports primary and secondary cell battery technologies and direct USB supply without the need for external regulators. All peripherals have independent and automated clock and power management to ensure they are powered down when not required for task operation to keep power consumption to a minimum without the application having to implement and test complex power management schemes.

ARM® TrustZone® Cryptocell-310

ARM Cryptocell-310 is a powerful on-chip cryptographic co-processor providing cryptographic functions and services to speed up security-related operations significantly, save CPU processing time and reduce energy consumption. It incorporates a true random number generator (TRNG) offering true entropy and support for a wide range of asymmetric, symmetric and hashing cryptographic services for secure applications.


  • Advanced Single chip 2.4 GHz multi-protocol SoC
  • 32-bit ARM Cortex-M4F Processor
  • 1.7v to 5.5v operation
  • 1MB flash + 256kB RAM
  • Bluetooth 5 support for long range and high throughput
  • 802.15.4 radio support
  • On-chip NFC
  • PPI –Programmable Peripheral Interconnect
  • Automated power management system with automatic power management of each peripheral
  • Configurable I/O mapping for analog and digital I/O
  • 48 x GPIO
  • 1 x QSPI
  • 4 x Master/Slave SPI
  • 2 x Two-wire interface (I˛C)
  • I˛S interface
  • 2 x UART
  • 4 x PWM
  • USB 2.0 controller
  • ARM TrustZone CryptoCell-310 Cryptographic and security module
  • AES 128-bit ECB/CCM/AAR hardware accelerator
  • Digital microphone interface (PDM)
  • Quadrature decoder
  • 12-bit ADC
  • Low power comparator
  • On-chip 50O balun
  • On-air compatible with nRF52, nRF51 and nRF24 Series

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