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Bluegiga BLE112 module and BLE112D donlge

Announcing Bluegiga's BLE112 Bluetooth Low Energy Module & Dongle

Bluegiga's BLE112 Bluetooth low energy module is a single mode device targeted for low power sensors and accessories. BLE112 offers all Bluetooth low energy features: radio, stack, profiles and application space for customer applications, so external processor is not needed. The module also provides flexible hardware interfaces to connect sensors, simple user interfaces or even displays directly to the module.

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Bluegiga BLE112-STK

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DKBLE112 Bluetooth« 4.0 Single Mode Development Kit

  • Application hosting capabilities( All application code can be executed on the BLE112)
  • Flash based(Firmware is field upgradable)
  • Good radio performance (Long range and robust connections )
  • Bluetooth Qualified(No qualification costs)
  • Fully integrated solution(Faster time to market)
Kit includes:

  • 2 x BLD112 Modules
  • 1 x BLD112 USB dongle
  • 1 x Firmware programming cable
  • 1 x BLE112 evaluation board
  • Cables and documentation

Bluegiga BLE112

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BLE112 Module

  • Bluetooth v.4.0 single mode compliant
  • Bluetooth low energy radio
  • Integrated Bluetooth Low Energy Stack and profiles
  • Built-in antenna, RF Pin, or U.FL antenna connector
  • Programmable 8051 processor supporting fully embedded applications
  • Flexible in module application development with BG Script, BG Profile Toolkit, or C language
  • Ultra low current consumption
  • Bluetooth end product, CE, FCC, and IC, and Telec qualified

Bluegiga BLE112D

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BLED112 Dongle

  • Bluetooth v.4.0 single mode compliant
  • Integrated Bluetooth Low Energy Stack and profiles
  • Built-in antenna
  • USB, USB HID and virtual COM port emulation
  • Supports Master and Slave Modes
  • Master mode supports 4+ simultaneous connections

Bluetooth Low Energy Features

  • Bluetooth 4.0 single mode compliant radio
  • Master and slave mode support
  • L2CAP, GAP, ATT and GATT support
  • Security manager
  • Advertizing, broadcasting, connections
  • Built-in profiles

  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • CE, FCC, Industry Canada and Telec

Additional Information:

  • Bluetooth low energy radio
  • Integrated antenna, U.FL connector or RF pin
  • 8051 microcontroller
    • 8 kB RAM
    • 128kB Flash
  • 1-2 x UART
  • 1-2 x SPI
  • USB 2.0 device
  • 3 x PWM
  • 3 x timer
  • Analog comparator
  • Integrated op-amp
  • Integrated battery monitor and temperature sensor
  • GPIO and AIO
  • Heart rate sensors
  • Pedometers
  • Watches
  • Blood pressure and glucose meters
  • Weight scales
  • Key fobs
  • Households sensors and collector devices
  • Security tags
  • Wireless keys (keyless go)
  • Proximity sensors
  • HID keyboards and mice
  • Indoor GPS broadcasting devices
  • Bluetooth low energy radio
  • Built-in antenna
  • 8051 microcontroller
    • 8 kB RAM
    • 128kB Flash
  • USB 2.0 device
  • Programmable led
  • 3 x timer
  • Integrated temperature sensor
  • Human Interface Device hosts
  • Sports and fitness
  • PC security
  • PC accessories
  • Bluetooth low energy connectivity