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Bluetooth Low Energy technology from Nordic Semiconductor

  • Ultra low power single mode implementations
  • Coin cell battery operation
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Nordic uBlue chip
Nordic uBlue Diagram
Key Features
  • Complete single mode solution with integrated radio, link layer and host stack
  • nRF8000 family of chips and chipsets
  • Slave connectivity-on-chip solutions
  • Fully embedded software stacks
  • Low peak currents (< 15mA) – coin cell battery operation
  • Micro ampere average current consumption
  • Months to years of battery lifetime
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About Bluetooth Low Energy

Bluetooth Low Energy is the next step in the Bluetooth wireless technology evolution. It will expand Bluetooth wireless technology to small devices with low battery capacity.

The single mode implementation is designed to consume only a fraction if the power compared to classic Bluetooth technology. It is the ideal solution for small battery powered devices.

The dual mode implementation combines classic Bluetooth with Low Energy Bluetooth at a very small price delta, enabling fast adoption in Bluetooth enabled devices like mobile phones.

About µBlue

µBlue will be a range of single mode Bluetooth low energy solutions based on a single chip architecture integrating radio, baseband, and microcontroller with fully embedded Bluetooth low energy software stacks. By providing a complete solution, µBlue will significantly ease the effort and cost for manufacturers to make Bluetooth low energy wireless-enabled products. This high level of integration, tiny chip size and low external component count makes µBlue ideal for size-constrained applications like watches and wearable sensors. µBlue will also be made available in a number of targeted application variants to suit the specific requirements of products in various market segments.

µBlue will provide a true ultra low power (ULP) wireless solution with peak currents low enough to support standard coin cell battery operation and microampere average current. This means that µBlue will drastically expand the range of applicable application areas where manufacturers can take advantage of Bluetooth wireless connectivity as well as deliver an improved user experience in existing applications. While classic Bluetooth solutions typically require rechargeable batteries and weekly charging cycles, µBlue will support applications that use non-rechargeable batteries, such as coin cells, and that therefore need to deliver months to years of battery lifetime to avoid end user frustration. Applications that use classic Bluetooth today - like Bluetooth enabled watches and remote controls - can benefit on both battery lifetime and cost by migrating to µBlue Bluetooth low energy wireless technology.

The ULP consumption of µBlue does not come with a compromise on radio performance. µBlue is built on Nordic Semiconductor’s latest class-leading ULP 2.4GHz radio technology and is therefore expected to deliver best-in-class sensitivity and blocking performance from launch. Combined with the robust adaptive frequency hopping of Bluetooth low energy, µBlue will provide excellent co-existence performance in the presence of other 2.4GHz radios such as Wi-Fi and classic Bluetooth.

The first offering in the µBlue range will include the nRF8001, a single mode Bluetooth low energy slave solution ideal for applications like watches, mobile phone peripherals, remote controls, and sensors. More detailed specifications and pricing indications will be supplied at the official product launch.