Pulse and AC Light Sensor

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C-LQ is a sensor for pulse and alternating light with a monolithically integrated photodiode. The device supersedes conventional photoreceivers, such as those in light barriers, for example. At the first stage sensitive changes in the photocurrent are amplified whereas the photocurrents caused by background light are electronically suppressed with over 60 dB (at 100 Hz). The integrated amplifier forms a band-pass characteristic without using any external components. The high pass suppresses ambient light and low frequency alternating light and the low pass reduces high frequency noise. For visible light or near infrared the highest sensitivity for alternating light signals is reached at approximately 150 kHz; for pulse light this is reached at 1.2 µs and upwards. The transimpedance amplification can be selected within a range of approximately 1 M? to 10 M? via the external operating load. iC-LQ is available as a 4-pole TO18 metal can package with a glass lens or flat window and as an optoBGATM package for surface mounting. Customized COB versions are also possible.


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Active photodiode area of 0.9 mm
Analog current source output, transimpedance can be set by external resistor
Fast recovery from flashes
Fast response amplifier with on-chip photodiode
High interference immunity due to monolithic design
High LF and DC (ambient) light suppression
Integrated band-pass filter with 150 kHz center frequency
Maximum gain obtained for pulse light of 1.2s and upwards
Options: TO metal can packages, optoBGA packages, customized COB versions
Single 5 to 12 V supply, low power consumption also with bright ambient light
Suitable for visible light and near infrared
Transfer characteristics irrespective of ambient light level

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