Meet the Next AMD Embedded R-Series APU
The 2nd generation AMD Embedded R-series APU supports Heterogeneous System Architecture for a revolutionary leap in processing performance, power efficiency and multimedia immersion.?
Heterogeneous System Architecture (HSA) - The first embedded processor to harness HSA features to enable better system performance, multimedia interactivity and improved battery life.
Mantle - Can enable game developers to unleash the full power of Graphics Core Next architecture to revolutionize arcade and casino gaming.
Open Source Linux Development - Customized embedded Linux development and commercial support through Mentor Embedded Linux, Sourcery™ CodeBench Embedded Linux and Mentor Embedded Linux Lite which Mentor makes available at no cost.
Hardware Video Compression Engine - Enables efficient encoding and fast video conversion.
Secure Asset Management Unit - Lowers power/CPU overhead when dealing with protected content.
Parallel Compute Capabilities - AMD R-series processors offer a wide range of parallel compute capabilities to suit the requirements of many embedded applications.
AMD EyefinityTechnology - Drive up to four displays simultaneously as independent displays or as a single large surface with Eyefinity technology.


  • Available in dual-core and quad-core “Steamroller” CPU configurations with up to 4 MBytes of shared L2 cache.
  • Includes support for DirectX® 11.1, OpenGL 4.2, and AMD’s Mantle for the latest game development advancements. Offers dual-channel DDR3 support and error-correction code (ECC) memory support for high integrity applications.
  • Features a new audio coprocessor that enables low-latency audio signal processing for crisper sound and audio effects.
  • Enables hardware accelerated video encode and decode using Unified Video Decode (UVD) 4.2 and Video Compression Engine (VCE) 2.0.

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