The AMD Embedded R-Series platform delivers high-performance processing coupled with a premium high definition visual experience in a solution that is still power efficient. Enabling unprecedented integrated graphics and multi-display capabilities in embedded applications that can be compact and low power.
The AMD R-Series APU (Accelerated Processing Unit) is designed to efficiently handle your advanced multimedia and computational workloads. With  and discrete-class5average power below 13 Watts  graphics performance integrated intoAMD Radeon™ the AMD R-Series APU, applications that previously required a discrete graphics card can be developed in smaller form factors with lower power and cost.  The third generation Unified Video Decoder the AMD R-Series APU enables the delivery of crisp and clear video for ad content, instructional materials, or live teleconferencing. For more demanding graphics  Dual Graphics technologyapplications, AMD Radeon™ can combine the processing power of AMD R-Series  Embedded 6000 SeriesAPUs and AMD Radeon™ GPUs to more than double graphics performance compared to using discrete graphics alone.


  • Innovative CPU architecture integrates a combination of dedicated and shared resources to deliver exceptional performance.
  • AMD Turbo CORE 3 Technology automatically delivers an optimized balance between performance and power consumption.
  • APU Thermal Design Power (TDP) ranging from 17 to 35 Watts and average power below 13 Watts.
  • Discrete-class AMD Radeon HD 7000G Series graphics.
  • AMD Radeon Dual Graphics technology can more than double graphics performance compared to using discrete graphics alone.
  • Secure Asset Management Unit lowers power/CPU overhead when dealing with protected content.
  • Drive up to 4 displays from a single highly integrated processor.
  • Drive multiple displays simultaneously as independent displays, or as a single large surface with AMD Eyefinity technology.
  • Display resolutions of up to 4k x 2k @ 30 Hz utilizing a single display output.

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Delivering exceptional performance in a power efficient platform.

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