The monolithic Si1132 sensor integrates multiple photodiodes, an analog-to-digital converter, a signal processor and a digital I2C control interface. This UV Index and ambient light sensor enables fitness wrist/arm bands, smart watches, and smartphones to measure UV sun exposure. Customers benefit by receiving a warning of when their current UV exposure is at an unhealthy level or to determine their cumulative UV exposure during exercise. 

  • Digital UV Index sensor enables real-time UV sun exposure and cumulative UV sun exposure
  • Ambient light sensor with 0.1 to 128 kLux dynamic range operates in direct sunlight
  • Long battery life with as little as 1.2 μA average current UV Index measurements, < 500 nA standby, and 1.7 V to 3.6 V operation
  • I2C interface for ease of communication with host MCU
  • Tiny 2 mm x 2 mm clear QFN package
  • Operating temperature – 40 to 85 °C

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