The Si7210 family of Hall effect magnetic sensors from Silicon Labs combines a chopper-stabilized Hall element with a low-noise analog amplifier, 13-bit analog-to-digital converter, and an I2C interface.

Leveraging Silicon Labs' proven CMOS design techniques, the Si7210 family incorporates digital signal processing to provide precise compensation for temperature and offset drift. Compared with existing Hall effect sensors, the Si7210 family offers industry-leading sensitivity, which enables use with larger air gaps and smaller magnets.

The integrated 13-bit high-precision ADC delivers high output linearity with very low noise for the highest measurement accuracy. For battery-powered applications, the Si7210 family offers very low power consumption to improve operating life. For automotive applications, the Si7210 family is AEC-Q100 qualified. The Si7210 family supports a bidirectional I2C interface which provides full configurability of the Hall effect sensor operate and release points.

At any time, the 13-bit magnetic field strength can be read through the I2C interface.
Si7210 Hall Sensor

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