The Sleepy Bee family of EFM8 Microcontrollers (MCUs) are ideal for low power and battery powered systems and operate at up to 25 MHz. EFM8 Sleepy Bee MCUs offer the lowest power consumption by combining innovative low energy techniques and short wakeup times and include up to 14 high-quality capacitive sense channels.


  • Lowest MCU sleep current with supply brownout (50 nA)
  • Lowest MCU active current (150 A / MHz at 24.5 MHz)
  • Lowest MCU wake on touch average current (< 1 A)
  • Lowest sleep current using internal RTC and supply brownout (< 300 nA)
  • Ultra-fast wake up for digital and analog peripherals (< 2 s)
  • Integrated LDO to maintain ultra-low active current at all voltages
  • Up to 14 capacitive sense channels.

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