Digi® TX54 is a rugged and secure cellular router for mission critical industrial and transportation applications with dual high-speed 802.11ac Wi-Fi, integrated Bluetooth, and precise GPS features for Dead Reackoning capabilities. The versatility and performance of Digi TX54 routers make them ideal for the most demanding applications, requiring continuous connectivity, field longevity and edge computing.


The Digi TX54 partitions passenger Wi-Fi from business critical functions; such as, fare collection, data, and video. System operation is assured with an industrial grade electrical and mechanical design, while an embedded python environment enables quick adaptation to evolving system requirements. Four gigabit Ethernet ports connect other IP capable systems, each configurable as an isolated secure LAN or all four can function as a Layer 2 switch.


Digi TrustFence®, a suite of hardware and firmware features, ensures the integrity of Digi TX54 security functions. A cryptographic co-processor protects particularly sensitive information.

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