Lattice Semiconductor USB Type-C Power Delivery Solution enables products to provide faster charging, faster downloads and support other standards such as DisplayPort and MHL over Type-C. Lattice Type-C solutions provide Cable Configuration (CC), Power Delivery (PD) communication required to unlock these benefits. Some parts include integrated switches to simplify the implementation of video output.
The Lattice solution is designed to support USB Type-C cable and Connector and USB Power Delivery specifications with programmable flexibility to support the new and evolving specifications as well as the various levels of complexities required by the end system in a cost effective manner.


  • Cost optimized CC/PD-PHY options
  • Fully integrated CC/PD full stack options
  • Standby power as low as 150uW
  • Integrated USB3.1 and video switch options
  • FPGA options allow full customization
  • ASSP options minimize discrete component requirements

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