The ZE51-2.4 and ZE61-2.4 modules operate in the 2.4 GHz ISM license free frequency bands with TX Power up to 2.5mW (ZE51) and 100mW (ZE61). ZE modules run the ZigBee® communication protocol (based on the IEEE 802.15.4 standard) widely adopted in a range of markets such as home automation and control, building automation, AMR, and telecom applications.
  • Pre-certified RF modules, LGA  xE Form Factor, TTL RS232 interface
  • Telit developed ZigBee PRO protocol (ZigBee Certified) and Telit Demo profile
  • Telit developed Smart Energy 1.1 (IHD&ESI certified) and Home Automation profiles
  • Very low power consumption
  • Custom development and integration
  • Excellent RX sensitivity
  • Download Over The Air (DOTA)
  • Industrial temperature range
Key Benefits: 
  • Wide (ZE51) or and very wide (ZE61) area coverageApplication profiles for ZigBee Pro developed by Telit, integrators can focus on the application
  • Low consumption for battery powered applications
  • Select from low-power (ZE51-2.4) and high-power (ZE61-2.4) solutions with a single design
The Telit portfolio of short range wireless modules is comprised of a wide range of innovative solutions ranging from ready-to-use wireless radio modems to OEM modules and RF design services.
Operating in the license-free ISM frequency bands of 169, 433, 868, 915 MHz, and 2.4 GHz, they’re available in both standard air-interface protocols such as wireless M-Bus and ZigBee as well as proprietary low-power, low data rate technologies.
Telit pre-certified short range modules share small dimensions, form factor, and are pin2pin compatible with one-another, which enables re-use of your design with different modules and air interface technologies as needed  to meet your business and environmental requirements. Telit also offers a full set of tools to shorten and streamline your design effort.


  • Performance ZE51:
  • Range: Up to 1 km (Ext antenna, LOS)
  • Performance ZE61:
  • Range: Up to 4 km (Ext antenna, LOS)
  • 256 kB Flash memory, 8 kB SRAM, 8 kB EEPROM for non-volatile application data storage
  • 32.768 kHz real time clock (RTC), 4 timers
  • Configurable output power

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Telit Datasheet
Telit ZE51 / ZE61 Datasheet

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