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Mar 27, 2018


Figuring out how to develop a connected IoT device can be a frustrating process. Designing the infrastructure to support your connected device takes a lot of planning, time and resources, and every unique application seems to benefit from being built from scratch. After all, you already know what your customers want, and building from scratch may seem like the most straightforward path: you build exactly what you need and avoid the twists and turns of bloated software.


Developing from scratch sounds great in theory

…but when put into practice, experienced developers know that starting from scratch leads to more time and more money, without the perceived benefits. Back-end support applications are too often overlooked, including applications to handle device management, customizable deployments and device provisioning, device maintenance, and additional development to make sure that the operation is scalable. These “hidden costs” build up over the course of development, leading to pushed timelines, higher development costs and specialized skills that your team may not have.


Looking at IoT Application Development and Deployment Platforms

Before you consider starting your project from scratch, decide if a modern IoT platform could work to enhance your existing software. If you’ve had a bad experience with an IoT platform before, understand that not all IoT platforms are equal, so it’s important to figure out whether the platform would be a good fit for your solution. Some of the most important things to consider are how flexible you need the platform to be, whether it has a multi-tenant architecture, as well as whether the platform would be scalable to your specific needs.

If you take the time to find the right IoT platform solution, doing so could help relieve a lot of stress, development costs, and help your team focus their efforts towards developing your unique application, rather than spend time building functionality that has been built by others many times over.


Lantronix MACH10: Why Do Industrial OEMs Choose MACH10

Why Industrial OEMs Choose MACH10. Image courtesy of Lantronix.


Lantronix and MACH10

One of our favorite IoT platforms to develop with is Lantronix’s MACH10. Described as a “multi-dimensional IoT application development and deployment platform,” the MACH10 “dramatically simplifies the process for OEMs to deliver web-scale applications.”

As a global provider of wireless IoT solutions, we know that Lantronix has had a lot of experience working with OEMs.

By providing essential microservices and ready-to-use management applications, Lantronix’s MACH10 provides a set of flexible microservices and ready-to-use applications that developers can easily interface to or implement as part of their own applications like Global Device Manager. The MACH10 platform gives OEMs a jumpstart in the development process, so that developers can spend less time developing reinventing the wheel and more time on their unique IoT solution.

To learn more about Lantronix’s MACH10 IoT Platform, click here




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