Symmetry Electronics: Meet A Chip! Lisa Love from Sales Engineering

Apr 20, 2017

As we announced in our latest press release, we've added three sales engineers. Lisa Love is one of them!

What do you do at Symmetry?

FSE based in Cincinnati, OH where I recently relocated to after 20 years on the West Coast.

How long have you worked at Symmetry?

Four whole days and I already feel like a member of the family!  

What’s your favorite thing about Symmetry (so far)?

First and foremost the people and culture followed very closely by an impressive line card I know I can win with.

What did you do before working at Symmetry?

I spent over a decade in RF and Microwave semiconductor sales; both in distribution and with a major OEM. Preceding my relo to the midwest, I was a small business owner with two Frozen Yogurt shops and a froyo brokerage business in Santa Cruz, California… crazy, I know!

What exciting trends do you see in our industry?

Interoperability… fingers crossed! I entered the semiconductor industry in the mid 90’s armed with a dial-up connection, Thomas Guide, US Robotics Palm Pilot, and Motorola MicroTac. While my set up was whiz-bang at the time, it’s hard to fathom a productive work flow when none of my devices talked to each other without a hardwired connection and keeping my data in sync was cumbersome at best.  While this is a small scale example I can’t wait to see what the next 20 years brings in terms of connectivity and interoperability.

What do you like to do when you’re not working at Symmetry?

When I’m “off-the-clock” you will find me travelling, communing with nature, lifting weights, hanging with family and friends, exploring my new city, or geeking out with SciFi movies and Star Trek binges.


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