Tech Fact Or Fiction? Symmetry Electronics Charges For Its Services

Oct 27, 2017

Tech Fact or Fiction. In this series Symmetry Electronics Appilcation Engineers delve into the common myths and misconceptions which frequently come up and put them to rest, using their expert knowledge and experience.

Fact or Fiction?

Symmetry charges for its services:


This is another great myth. We make it clear to our customers that we're here to support them throughout their entire development. Customers should know that they can leverage our tech team whenever they have questions or need us to look into something in detail for them. As Nimit says below, we understand that in order to sell more, we offer support, so the customer should understand this as well.


I have been asked this question too many times from customers – do we charge assisting our customers on the phone, emails or tech support. It makes sense for customers to ask this, as other players in our industry charge hefty fees to customers to help them in the process of design. At Symmetry have a different belief. We believe in selling products and charging for the products only. Also, we realize that in order to sell more, our customers need to be able to realize their final product, so we offer all the help we can in order to help customer finish their designs. In this process we will not charge additionally for offering any support that may be required on our end be it in form of client visits, calls or emaills for technical support.


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