Symmetry Electronics Offering Free Lattice MachXO Dev Boards and Supporting New ECP5 & ECP5-5G Designs

Feb 15, 2016
Considering designing with Lattice? Symmetry is now offering free MachX0 development tools for new designs and is supporting the launch of the new ECP5/ECP5-5G family of products
Lattice Semiconductor recently announced an expansion of the company’s ECP5™ family of low power, small form factor connectivity and acceleration FPGAs. These new additions are pin compatible with ECP5 FPGAs and enable OEMs to seamlessly update their designs to meet evolving interface requirements in the industrial, communications and consumer markets. 
The ECP5/ECP5-5G family of FPGA devices is optimized to deliver high performance features such as an enhanced DSP architecture, high speed SERDES and high speed source synchronous interfaces in an economical FPGA fabric. This combination is achieved through advances in device architecture and the use of 40 nm technology making the devices suitable for high-volume, high-speed, low-cost applications. 
The ECP5-5G product family enables seamless connectivity to ASICs and ASSPs in a wide array of applications including cameras, displays, gaming platforms, small cells and low-end routers. Numerous resources including software, device samples, soft IP and hardware boards are available upon request. 
The ECP5 12K device offers programmable IO support for popular interface bridging functions including, LVDS, MIPI and LPDDR3. The device provides a cost optimized mix of logic, memory and DSP resources for additional pre and post processing in a variety of applications such as LED controllers, machine vision, motor control and more. Software and device samples are available upon request. 
ECP5 FPGAs provide a low cost, low power, small form factor solution for implementing connectivity and video and imaging functionality in high volume applications such as small cells, industrial video cameras, broadband access equipment and is an excellent low-cost, low-power PCIe side-band solution for microservers. 
Lattice was founded in 1983 and is headquartered in Portland, Oregon. In March 2015, the Company acquired Silicon Image (a long time Symmetry Electronics supplier), which is a leader in setting industry standards including the highly successful HDMI®, DVI™, MHL® and WirelessHD® standards.


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