A Handful of Holiday-Themed Technology Projects For Everyone to Enjoy

Dec 26, 2016

Web Enabled Christmas Tree


The Incredible Machines team took custom lighting design a step further in 2013, creating a web enabled Christmas tree with the ability to be controlled from a browser. The proprietary Visualight Wi-Fi-enabled lighting system, powered by Arduino, allowed the public to control the colors of the tree’s LED lights along with the blink rate while watching the tree in real time over a live video feed.



Want to build your own hackable tree, or perhaps modify the project for a hackable menorah? SemiconductorStore.com has Arduino modules, LEDs, lighting drivers and controllers, video equipment, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connectivity, and Power over Ethernet (PoE) supplies.


Sundown Spinning Dreidel


littleBits powers a networked dreidel that starts spinning at sundown to celebrate Hanukkah. This project leverages the cloudBit and If This Then That (ITTT)’s weather channel to set the dreidel spinning as soon as the sun sets.


Get your dreidel going, tweak the project for a Christmas tree topper, or scale up to spin bigger decorations. Find the littleBits DC motor, power module, and wire at SemiconductorStore.com.


Motion Activated Light Display


Ben Harben used an Arduino to control a motion activated light display



Light up your night with Arduino, LEDs, audio equipment, and sensors from SemiconductorStore.com.  


Mistletoe Drone


It’s no secret that we love quadcopters here at Symmetry. A tinsel-covered quadcopter with dangling mistletoe flying over Union Square in San Francisco spreading tidings of joy is right up our alley.



Unfortunately, a similar stunt did not go so well for restaurant chain TGI Friday’s, so please don’t try flying a quadcopter inside a restaurant or other indoor business. Keep the airborne merriment outdoors for everyone’s safety.


Happy holidays and best wishes from the Symmetry family to yours.


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