Symmetry Electronics: Meet A Chip! Barbara Casey from Field Sales

Jun 8, 2017

Meet Field Sales Engineer Barbara Casey who represents Symmetry Electronics in the northeast US.

What do you do at Symmetry? 

I am a field sales person covering New England.

How long have you worked at Symmetry? 

I have been at Symmetry for 16 years. When I started in 2001, we had hardly any lines but I was promised by the owners that they would be adding some very good suppliers. I had trust that they would and in fact 16 years later I can say that we have an unbelievably solid linecard. I have worn several hats over the years, seen people come and go, bottom line is I enjoy the company and what I do. 

What’s your favorite thing about Symmetry? 

I love the focused linecard, and the great group of people that I work with.

What is one way you've helped customers find solutions?

I would say helping the customer understand the total “hidden” costs of a chip down solution vs. using a pre-certified module. 

What exciting trends do you see in our industry? 

Everything is going wireless! IoT is taking over in almost every market segment

What do you like to do when you’re not working at Symmetry? 

I am a big sports fan, living in New England, we have the BEST teams to support! I also enjoy spending time with family and friends. 


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