Telit White Paper: Enabling Secure Edge-to-Cloud IoT Solutions

Dec 28, 2016
This paper addresses the deployment of security mechanisms for the internet of things and illustrates telit’s comprehensive security knowhow and expertise for connecting things to the Cloud.
Robust edge-to-cloud solutions can be realized, but security will always remain an on-going process.
Telit is at the forefront of IoT security solutions and is actively engaged with various organizations and regulatory bodies to promote, influence and deploy best practices.
The fundamental promise of the Internet of Things (iot) is to enable new business models driven by remote connected devices, allowing asset owners and operators to obtain up to the minute information about their health, efficiency, output quality and similar key measures and conditions – potentially delivering transformational economic and societal benefits.
At one time, M2M solutions were thought to be secure because they were obscure, not an attractive target for hackers, but M2M has moved on, e.g. solutions are being integrated with mainstream enterprise processes. Today, most IoT solutions span multiple device types to monitor a variety of assets and interact with diverse range of applications and third-party solutions. Therefore traditional security counter measures, such as firewalls, VPNs or private networks do not always satisfy today’s demanding environments.
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