The Future of Medical Technology – Part 4: Bluetooth Low Energy

Aug 2, 2017

Picture removing the wires from all the devices connected to a patient. Not only would it be easier to treat a wire-free patient, but moving from room to room would also be simplified as the devices in a room could be automatically synced with sensors on the patient.  Picture creating a mesh network of equipment, patients, and doctors across an entire hospital where one could use a tablet to view a live map of the hospital and pull up the exact location of any device or person within the network, at any given time. In this not too distant future, devices will “talk” to each other as well as patients and doctors sending updated information to the right place at the right time. This is the future for medical technology and it will be enabled with Bluetooth.

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Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) devices provide considerably reduced power consumption and cost while maintaining constant, real-time communication. By using BLE devices such as a blood pressure cuff, weight scale or cholesterol monitor, the device regularly collects health data that is wirelessly transmitted to another BLE device such as a mobile phone or health appliance. From there it’s sent to the patient’s caregiver for remote monitoring and health management of the patient.

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“Health-related devices in the home, such as weight scales, blood pressure monitors and exercise equipment, which implement the new standard will be able to send information wirelessly to Bluetooth enabled PCs or cell phones so that users can monitor their health information or share this information with a doctor or fitness coach anywhere in the world,” said Robert Hughes, chair of the new Bluetooth SIG Medical Devices Working Group and a senior wireless standards architect in Intel’s Digital Health Group.

Bluetooth technology will soon become as prevalent in hospitals and medical technology as it is in our daily lives. 


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