The Future of Medical Technology – Part 5: Wi-Fi Modules

Aug 17, 2017

Having Wi-Fi in homes, offices, gyms and restaurants is a modern expectation. However one place where Wi-Fi might not be expected, but incredibly valuable, is in hospitals. The modern hospital is becoming increasingly wireless and demand for Wi-Fi in medical technology is higher than ever.

Why Wi-Fi?

Wi-Fi helps healthcare IT staff eliminate the challenge associated with introducing new devices and the technology, and is well suited to meet the growing connectivity demands from patients and their families in waiting rooms and lobbies. As the number of Wi-Fi devices connecting to healthcare networks grows, use of Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ equipment helps ensure widespread interoperability and a good user experience.

From instant connectivity, to accessing a remote system, to accessing the Cloud, Wi-Fi is used in a wide variety of healthcare applications. Wi-Fi is seeing a growth in personal healthcare as doctors, nurses and other medical professionals use Wi-Fi enabled devices, from tables to patient monitors. Wi-Fi technology is also capable of handling large number of devices connected to a network which makes it an attractive solution for digital healthcare.

Wi-Fi Applications in Hospitals

Wi-Fi technology is being used in hospitals for monitoring devices such as oxygen monitoring tanks, infusion pumps, smart beds, blood pressure cuffs and wireless EKG’s. Wi-Fi gives healthcare administrators immediate access to patient records cutting time in admin tasks. Wi-Fi also gives instant access to tests such as MRI scans and X-rays.

The adoption of Wi-Fi in hospitals has transformed healthcare. As a result of Wi-Fi, new medical devices are being created to take advantage of the mobile connectivity that Wi-Fi provides in healthcare facilities. Mobility in hospitals gives doctors and nurse accurate and timely patient monitoring and enables them to focus on providing the best quality of patient care, rather than on administrative tasks.

The Connected Hospital

Wi-Fi technology has changed how healthcare is conceptualized and delivered. Imagine a fully integrated hospital where wireless technology allows caregivers and patients to roam throughout the hospital providing accurate, real-time monitoring. In the Connected Hospital, wireless technologies like Wi-Fi will fuel patient safety, data accuracy and mobility. Nurses can monitor multiple patients remotely from one main station, receiving alerts and observing data captured on patients’ health in real-time. Doctors can make more informed decisions with accurate and up-to-date patient information, leading to better patient outcomes. Finally, patients and their families can feel safe knowing they will always receive the correct dosage of the right medication – resulting in overall better care from medical staff and a more comfortable environment free from wired devices.

Wi-Fi in hospitals has led to the ultimate goal: improved patient care.

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