The Lifetime of Fujitsu FRAM Memory is Essentially Unlimited

Aug 8, 2016

What is FRAM

FRAM stores information using the polarization of ferroelectric material placed between two electrodes in the form of a thin film. The FRAM cell structure, which is similar to the transistor and capacitor structure of a DRAM cell, does not require the same high programming voltages that Flash or EEPROM do to operate. As a result, FRAM offers non-volatile data storage, but is significantly more energy efficient compared with other conventional non-volatile memories.

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Advantages of FRAM

FRAM universal memory outperforms existing memories like EEPROM and Flash, consumes less power, is many times faster, and has greater endurance to multiple read-and-write operations. Specifically, FRAM delivers write and read access times in the 2- to 3-digit nanosecond range, making its performance comparable to standard RAM. The maximum number of read/write cycles for Flash and EEPROM is about 100,000 times. With more than 10 billion read/write cycles, the lifetime of an FRAM memory is essentially unlimited.

FRAM in Demand

Demand for FRAM is rapidly increasing in many applications that require high performance, low power and high endurance. FRAM is an excellent alternative to EEPROM for low-power, data-logging applications where it is essential to prevent any data loss, even in the event of a sudden power shutdown. Other applications include smart cards, RFID, security, industrial systems, factory automation and metering equipment.

FRAM can ideally replace all battery back-up solutions and enable environmentally friendly products. The ferroelectric material in FRAM is highly resistant to magnetic fields and radiation, making it well-suited for medical, aerospace and food applications.

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Written By: Mike Venezia


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