Blink and MultiTech launch Swedish IoT network

Sep 11, 2017

Blink and MultiTech launch Swedish IoT network

The Internet of Things is rapidly gaining momentum in SwedenThe Internet of Things is rapidly gaining momentum in Sweden

Blink Services, a Swedish network provider for LoRaWAN and smart city solutions, has selected MultiTech Systems to support its nationwide Internet of Things (IoT) network coverage initiative.

Significant to the announcement is MultiTech’s shared partnership with French low power wide area networks (LPWAN) player, Actility.

The partners will work closely to set the standard for how ‘things’ communicate with each other, locally and nationally. The combination of connectivity and scalable services will facilitate the digitisation process, ensuring a necessary foundation for cities to adapt to smarter applications, the trio said.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is rapidly gaining momentum in Sweden and strongly supported by the government. Developing smart city applications will significantly impact the cities’ management systems such as waste management, agriculture, water, lights and traffic.

Leveraging MultiTech as a hardware partner will increase the speed of implementation across all processes.=

“LoRaWAN is particularly well suited to smart city applications,” said Stefan Lindvall, CEO of MultiTech. “We’re pleased to work with Blink to enable such solutions across Sweden.”

“MultiTech’s proven expertise was one important reason for choosing their solution. Another reason was the quality process from beginning to end,” added Matts Lilja, managing director of Blink Services. “MultiTech is an important ally with vast experience and hands-on knowledge.”

Blink Services has also developed its own applications in cooperation with sister company, Blinkfyrar, a Swedish road sign supplier. Monitoring and maintenance of road signs is turned into an automated task, replacing manual supervision.

A road sign equipped with Signsensor will report any deviation, activate an alarm and report the discrepancy and action can be taken, eliminating the need to regularly and physically inspect the status, claims Blink.



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