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Oct 25, 2017

In today’s acronym driven world, IoT generally translates to the Internet of Things. But for this tale of connectivity, IoT refers to “I’m Out There”, as in I am connecting with other humans for the betterment of all. How does this IoT transformation take place? For us (Aeris employees), it was easy. Spend a day volunteering. Make it something out of your comfort zone. Something so removed from your daily life that it has to make some impression. Something that helps others and has no impact on your life other than the fact that you completed an altruistic endeavor.

A Sense of Community

At Aeris, we do things differently. We view diverse perspectives as a core competitive advantage. We assist companies that understand the power and social impact created by technology’s innovations. We participate in projects that help the advancement of basic human requirements, such as clean water, food security, or energy needs.

From our early beginnings, Aeris has put societal good at the top of its to-do list. Sure, we are an Internet of Things connectivity solution provider. But we know we can do more. So we work with NGOs. We work with companies that care. We work with organizations that can elevate those that need assistance. And we help companies that help lift the everyday lives of those who struggle.

Aeris works with companies that have business models that enable tractor assistance to smallholder farmers (Hello Tractor, Nigeria), or supply clean cooking gas to those most in need (KopaGas, Tanzania), or provide water pump sensors, as well as water operations and management systems so good clean water is available to schools, markets, homes, and more (SweetSense, Kenya). These partnerships enable local residents to afford theses services, be it clean gas, or tractor leasing, or clean water, when normal processes would be beyond affordability, as many on the African continent earn less than $3 per day.

Locally, we provide internships, first jobs, and mentoring. But best of all, we get out of our offices and volunteer — in homeless shelters, at food banks, with animal rescue efforts, at environmental clean-up events, as helpers, as donators of time and substance.  

volunteer 111-1.jpg

Aeris in Action

The Best Part

After participating and talking to the many volunteers who turned up this past week (at the San Jose HomeFirst homeless shelter), I realized that the benefits of volunteerism reward both the recipient and the worker. The concept of a connected community filters out in all directions, helping all who give or receive. And that is the aim. Ultimate connectivity.

Find a group, an organization, a local cause, one in which your small effort becomes part of a bigger solution. Become a vital cog within your community. Assisting others has a way of doing just that.

And realize that the opportunities for volunteering, literally, are endless, and vitally needed throughout your community, wherever you live or work.

For more information on how we interact, individually and as a company, with local and global communities, visit our Aeris IoT for Good web site.



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