From Aeris Communications - Wi-Fi / Cellular Hybrid connectivity: Webinar Questions and Answers

Dec 20, 2017

Written by Carmi Brandis from Aeris Communications

Recently, the folks at Aeris partnered with 451 Research to present a webinar on IoT market trends, as well as insights to the growing movement to hybrid connectivity for IoT deployments. Within the content of this webinar, we presented a series of questions to the audience so that we could gauge where they would place their business within the IoT world. The results, presented below, offer a glimpse into the status of IoT projects, the increasing interest in a hybrid connectivity solution, and the growth challenges that these companies see.

Here are some of the questions asked and answered, with some comments on each. For even more info, listen in on the entire webinar.

  • What is your current stage of implementing IoT projects?
    1. 5% already broadly deployed
    2. 38% in limited deployment (trial/test)
    3. 2% in the late planning (< 6 months to trial)
    4. 23% in early planning (>6 months)
    5. 29% (no plans) for deployment 

So what do these numbers tell us? The road from unconnected product to connected services has businesses at many point along the way. Almost 70% of companies polled indicated some level of interaction with the IoT. Most of that 70% are companies still in differing levels of process, with only 5% being fully deployed. What this means is that there is a world of opportunities out there. Because even that fully deployed 5% might see opportunities for better, more reliable, more secure connectivity service.

  • Which technologies are you most likely to use in an IoT deployment?
    1. 14% selected Wi-Fi only
    2. 6% selected cellular
    3. 39% selected both Wi-Fi and cellular
    4. 41% wants to use multiple technologies (wireless or wireline)

This second question reflects that the overall majority of companies want options that would benefit their services, their businesses, their bottom line. Even though cellular connectivity seems ubiquitous for smart phones, cellular-only for businesses is not widely accepted for a variety of reasons. What is wanted is an amalgamation of connectivity options that produce the best results (reliable, always-on, secure connectivity) at the lowest cost. At Aeris, we see this every day, from business ranging from residential solar monitoring to mobile fleet to point of sale solutions.

Today, connectivity providers are able to present a hybrid amalgamation of cellular and Wi-Fi features, created to exploit the complementary powers of each technology. The value of hybrid flexibilities are becoming more apparent each day. The Aeris Connectivity Management Platform enables the management of both cellular and Wi-Fi devices from a single platform, thereby reducing operational complexities. Layering both technologies provides enhanced coverage, increases connectivity consistency, and dramatically improves indoor reception.

  • Which is your greatest IoT challenge?
  1. 5% (coverage)
  2. 11% (flexibility)
  3. 10% (overall complexity)
  4. 15% (analyzing data)
  5. 59% (security)

Question 3 is a key indicator for service providers. You might have the fastest, lowest cost service, but if the data is not secure, the solution is functionally useless to many of these companies. Data security is, by far, the greatest concern to companies in the IoT sphere.

What does it all mean?

At Aeris, we are ready to help, regardless of your company’s current IoT deployment status. We are able to deal with cellular or Wi-Fi or hybrid connectivity deployments. In fact, specific Aeris benefits of a cellular / Wi-Fi hybrid connection include:

  • Improved overall coverage
  • Remote troubleshooting, less human intervention
  • Simplified installations
  • Optimizing costs

And as for security, any point of access becomes a potential risk factor. Aeris addresses these security issues at the initial design stage. We understand that with massive volumes of data, threat vectors, as well as other risks associated with an IoT deployment, can be exposed if not tightly secured and continuously monitored.

For more information, listen to the entire webinar here.



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