From Decawave: New module and an extended software

Jun 4, 2017

At Decawave, our focus is to deliver state of the art integrated circuits to our customers. But we acknowledge that time is of the essence and delivering more integrated solutions that reduce design cycles is also critical. This is the reason why we will launch in the coming months a new module and an extended software offer aiming at facilitating the integration of our technology in your products.

The new module will embed the DW1000, a Nordic nRF52 MCU/BLE SoC and an accelerometer. A complete system that, by simply adding a battery and a casing, will turn into a
tag for your RTLS application. Coming in a side castellation format, it will also be easy to add it to your designs whether it is an anchor, a gateway or a more advanced tag.
The module will comply with industrial temperature range, -40°c to +85°c. We have also put a lot of effort into designing a cost-effective product that will meet the requirements of low and medium volume applications.

On the software side, we will deliver a much richer offer with a MAC layer, 6LowPAN, Mesh capability, TDMA and a TWR location scheme. The software will come in a binary format with a full set of APIs allowing you to add your own application on top of the Decawave software. An Android, as well as a PC-based reference design application, will complete the offer to let you configure and visualize your system in real time.


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