From Embedded Antenna Designs: Four 433 MHz terminal antennas for ISM bands

Nov 30, 2017

Focusing on 433 MHz frequencies, EAD presents four 433 MHz terminal antennas for ISM band applications. Many 433 MHz applications require a terminal mounted antenna, typically with a SMA-Male connector. EAD offers a number of interesting solutions for ISM licence-free frequencies and we summarise them here.

WR/WS433 – 433 MHz stub antenna

The WR433 and WS433 antennas are compact quarter wave, groundplane dependent stub antennas. Requiring a groundplane (metal mounting surface) to operate efficiently, the WR433 and WS433 are usually terminated in a SMA-Male connector. Containing a 1/4 wave coil, the antenna element is housed in robust and durable acetal sheath.

433 MHz captive mount antenna

The W433-FLY is a captive-mount 1/4 wave whip antenna with flying lead. The design enables the antenna to be integrated into the wall of an enclosure and the cable fed inside to the radio. As standard the cable is RG174 for a SMA, RP-SMA or MMCX connector, however it can be offered with a U.FL flying lead for radios mounted with U.FL receptacles. The W433-FLY does require a groundplane to operate effectively.

433 MHz quarter-wave helical antenna

The MH433 is a quarter-wave moulded helical antenna usually terminated in SMA-Male connector. Requiring a groundplane to operate effectively, the MH433 is compact whilst retaining some flexibility which is especially helpful in mobile applications. Other frequencies and connectors based on this design are possible, please contact us for more information.

433 MHz groundplane independent whip antenna

The FEW433 is a 433 MHz whip antenna that doesn’t require a groundplane to operate. Based around a moulded sheath, the FEW433 is flexible, however offers robust performance. It is available with the SMA-Male or TNC-Male connector as standard although a RP-SMA connector is also possible.

Four 433 MHz terminal antennas for ISM bands

These antennas are not the only 433 MHz antenna options available from EAD. We can also offer wall-mount or 1/4 wave whip antennas. If you do not see what you need, please use our antenna configurator to determine your requirement.



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