From Lattice Semiconductor: Diamond 3.10 Simplifies Low Power Design

Nov 1, 2017

Available for web release this month, the latest version of Lattice’s design software, Lattice Diamond® 3.10, extends our industry-leading low power capabilities to more products while adding important new productivity improvements. With the latest version, you can now disable the input buffer for unused or output only I/Os in the MachXO2/XO3L/XO3LF and ECP5U/ECP5UM/ECP5UM5G product families.

Diamond 3.10 also brings automotive device support to a wide range of Lattice’s ECP5 family. On the design productivity side, look for more intuitive user operational fault guidance and feedback when using the logic analyzer in a complex system setup. This new capability will allow you to troubleshoot your process on your own in complex environments.

Lattice Diamond® 3.10 continues to focus on embracing Lattice’s low power product leadership with a variety of power efficient design methods, a broader range of automotive product support, as well as increased productivity and improved user experience in the logic analyzer tool.

Diamond 3.10 updates include:

  • Extended power efficiency design flow– Now available to more product families so users can effectively disable input buffer for unused or output only I/O’s in MachXO2/XO3L/XO3LF and ECP5U/ECP5UM/ECP5UM5G families.
  • Improved power calculator function for CrossLink– Small package power pin sharing optimization and power model improvements to support high order mathematical modeling equations.
  • Extended automotive device support – Now available to a wide range of ECP5 FPGAs, including the ECP5U-12K, ECP5UM-25K, ECP5UM-45K -7 speed grade device with 381caBGA package.

Diamond 3.10 improves user experience when implementing the logic analyzer for complex system setups by providing intuitive user operational fault guidance and feedback from the tool, while also enabling users’ self-troubleshooting process.



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