Q&A: Answers to 3 of the Most Common LatticeECP5 Questions

Apr 3, 2017

Lattice’s ECP5-5G family is the only FPGA product line supporting 5G SERDES and up to 85K LUTs in a small 10x10 mm package. The ECP5-5G devices support multiple 5G protocols including PCI Express Gen 2.0, CPRI, and JESD204B. This product family enables seamless connectivity to ASICs and ASSPs in a wide array of applications including cameras, displays, gaming platforms, small cells and low-end routers. Numerous resources including software, device samples, soft IP and hardware boards are available upon request.

Is it possible to have a 16 bit data path using Lattice SGMII (Serial Gigabit Media Independent Interface ) IP(Intellectual Property) for Lattice ECP5UM?

The SGMII IP (IPUG60) for the ECP5UM device supports 8 bit data path. It is not possible to use 16 bit data path with this IP.

Why is IPexpress disabled for ECP5?

LatticeECP5 is supported by Clarity Designer, a new tool within the Lattice Diamond software environment that addresses the need to be able to generate and plan multiple design blocks within a customer\'s design. Clarity Designer is used for configuration of blocks, building the connections between blocks, and planning the resources used by the PCS (Physical Coding Sublayer) and DDR blocks in the design. For device families supported by Clarity Designer, IPexpress functionality is accomplished within the new tool along with the new functionality for building and planning. The previous IPexpress tool is disabled when using a device family supported by Clarity Designer.To get started with Clarity Designer, refer to the user manual.

Are the same package of ECP5U and ECP5UM devices pin-compatible, for example ECP5U-caBGA381 and ECP5UM-caBGA381 are pin compatible?

Yes, All the ECP5U and ECP5UM device packages are pin compatible. In ECP5U packages since SERDES is not supported all the SERDES pins in the ECP5U packages should be connect to GND. For example HDTXP0_D1CH0,HDTXN0_D1CH0 etc.. and all similar SERDES pins should be connected to GND.

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