From Lantronix: Reduce IoT Lifecycle Support Costs Using Cloud-based Gateway Management Software

Mar 20, 2018

Written by Shahram Mehraban from Lantronix


How do you efficiently update your Lantronix IoT gateways in the field? You can save time and money with Gateway Central, a cloud-based monitoring SaaS from Lantronix

When new firmware is ready to be installed on your gateways, a new security patch becomes available, or you want to roll out new software features, how do you push the latest updates to your Lantronix IoT gateways that are already deployed in the field? You could send out a technician to update or replace every single device, but that of course takes time and can cost a lot of money. Gateway Central takes the complexity out of managing individual or sets of IoT gateways using cloud connectivity to enable your IoT deployments with Firmware over-the-air (FOTA) updates.

FOTA is a mobile software-management technology that lets you wirelessly upgrade a device’s operating firmware. You’ve probably used FOTA yourself if you have a smartphone or tablet because that’s often the format used to deliver periodic updates to keep the phone’s operating system current.

FOTA updates also help maintain the health of your IoT deployment by enhancing functionality, letting gateways stay in the field longer and making it easier to introduce new features. In the IoT, FOTA updates are used to refresh gateways and devices once they’re in the field and can be used to respond to changes in the infrastructure, add the latest security protocols and reduce time-to-market for new deployments and added features.

Introducing Lantronix Gateway Central

This past week, Lantronix launched a new cloud-based service for secure remote monitoring and managing of Lantronix embedded and external IoT device gateways. This easy to use service enables device manufacturers, system integrators, solution providers, and end users to provision and manage Lantronix IoT gateways quickly and securely.

Lantronix Gateway Central SaaS offering is available for both external and embedded IoT gateways, including:

Besides a variety of dashboards that can quickly display the real-time status of all your deployed Lantronix gateways, Lantronix Gateway Central offers unlimited FOTA updates for IoT gateways mentioned above and modules making it fast, secure, and easy to respond to software updates in the field.





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