Silicon Labs Supports Women in Tech

Nov 2, 2017

We believe it’s very important to amplify these voices and to engage in a conversation about gender and diversity. Hear the advice some of our employees give to women trying to break into the tech industry:

Silicon Labs CMO Michele Grieshaber takes a moment to review one of Silicon Labs' four core values.

We hire, foster and empower great talent. 

  • We look for technical skill, creativity, and the potential to do great things. 
  • We value big-picture thinkers and cross-functional doers. 
  • We create an environment of trust and encourage open, two-way communication.

At Silicon Labs we believe this great talent can come from anywhere and anyone. Therefore we support a diverse workforce, from gender to age to ethnicity to sexual orientation, and so on. We also support and believe in the importance of STEM initiatives around the globe. Venn diagram these and you’ll get Women in Tech. 

Our Chief People Office, Lori Knowlton, elaborated on our support of women in tech in a recent article: “Women bring new ideas and perspectives to the table. And in doing so, they open the door to well-rounded thought processes that create better, more flexible products and higher performing teams. Successful teams employ a combination of left-brain and right-brain thinking. Companies who deeply understand and invest in the value of diverse, inclusive thinking are outperforming and outthinking their competition. By three times.” 

Within the last couple of years a grassroots movement was started by a few women at Silicon Labs with the mission focused on support, inclusion and driving change. It started as a get-together by a small group within a specific department and has since expanded to include anyone who wants to participate within the organization. The Women @ SiLabs group is currently lead by Holly Ammerman, a Senior Product Marketing Engineer, and co-chaired by Renee Curfman, our Director of IT Infrastructure Services. One example of this group driving change is its work with the senior leadership team, and one-on-one with current and future women to make sure they’re growing and have all the opportunities awarded to them so they can help Silicon Labs get to where it needs to be.

Renee Curfman shares her perspective: “We have this opportunity to really bring amazing innovation and change to this industry. I think we can get there faster and we can get there better if we do even more to open up that conversation and include more women. There’s always more work to be done to demonstrate your commitment to diversity and having different values and frames of mind at the table will propel us forward faster.”

While this video represents just a few of the gems these ladies shared, we’ll continue to share more of their powerful thoughts on our social media channels. We encourage you to follow along and join in the conversation. 

Let’s continue the conversation:



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